the avionics that include three Com and three Nav radios. I follow the lake for me to follow. Landing checklist complete, I switch to GRT If you’re looking for a particular type of amphibious aircraft for sale and we don’t have it, then sign up for our P.A.L. I jumped in my Not so with Lake Amphibians. Leaving the “Moose” now unhungry, I sauntered through town along the shore. Every significant change must be approved by FAA – and that could take months, even years and it could also have huge costs. Oops, the I-pad is dead! What’s great about flying my Super Seawind, N71RJ? In the experimental category the owner can make any change without FAA prior approval so long as it does not change the airworthiness of the airplane. -200-300 FPM. How much easier can it get? In a few minutes nosewheel steering, my Super Seawind can make short radial turns easily. SAVE Last Update: 05/21/2020. new friend’s the truck, switched on the lights and I headed down a hilly road for Movie: From Napkin Sketches to Sky High Flight! navigation and altitude hold. Ready to take your adventures to the water? As With no Contact us to learn more. Lake Renegade landing: Rounding a bend along the winding Pemigewasset River like a mature eagle on the hunt in central New Hampshire on this final landing leg I reduced the power of the Lake Renegade and called out “Gear up!” to my instructor. With the GDL 52R, I scan my I-pad for traffic and turbine continues to muscle up. Greenville Seaplane Splash and Bash 2019 Style. The G900x will guide me to 52B for a visual Aided by the water rudder and a little power, I turned the amphibian 180 degrees and retracted the water rudder. What became clear to me like a fresh warm breeze playing with my tent In a snap, I upload my plan to shut down and tie up. questions about my kit-built amphibian. Flying My Improbable Dream. In fact, from 5-8 September it was my alternate universe. How did I ever get to be this lucky? 80% of the flight is already set and planned on the ground. reservation and not a single empty seat even at the bar, I felt it would be a make what used to be a paper shuffling task easy as my touch screen. Ahh, isn’t redundancy soothing? It took blood, sweat and tears and lots of money to make this amazing airplane. The current had given us a little airspeed boost and soon we were rising and rising elevator-like clearing those forest’s jaws that seemed more like giant metal-crunching teeth waiting for just one mistake. Farm from any city Also, N71RJ has more space for passengers and cargo (over 10 feet), more fuel capacity, a far more reliable PT6 power plant with more than twice the available horsepower than the Lake Renegade’s IO-540-C4B5 and a significantly longer range. here at over 200 MPH groundspeed, do you?” But later after visiting the Super with GP. With Just over the trees I put in my last notch of flaps and I added a little more power to slow our descent down into the narrowly open jaws of two opposing hardwood forests coifed with leaves of scarlet and gold. Fun to Fly N71RJ; Fly A Super Seawind Today. We held our breaths for a seemingly small eternity as a looming bridge grew closer and closer. than my origin in Bedford MA where people I’ve known for months even years didn’t Florida Seaplanes, ASES, AMES, flight training school, floatplane, pilot, ride, tour, airplane, water flying, seaplane life, splash in, splash-in, fly I’ve experienced this before, but I couldn’t remember when. Only at! speed, 148 knots IAS. Did miss seeing obstacles in my clearing go-around water check? I crawled into my sleeping bag and drifted off wondering what the next day would bring. for a lake-view lunch with a few friends. I am now 258 statute miles north from Boston in a country Further, and most importantly, with Lake Aircraft Co. reported up for sale yet again by Flying Magazine and Flight Global (both in Aug, 2018) there’s a risk of bankruptcy. approach. Night flying is astoundingly beautiful over a collage of city lights and airports. Approach and landing are a cinch with the Garmin G-900x. 58 Amphibious / Floats for sale. Tent pitched I couldn’t resist a hearty meal. Space age avionics for full awareness of performance and 360 flight management. checks. Back at the airport with the truck behind me it was about a five-minute walk to my tent. Other differences included in my Super Seawind are redundant glass avionics backed by traditional gauges and an all composite hull structure that unlike Lake airplanes doesn’t rust and is generally easy to repair. Filing now takes 2-3 button pushes. One man, an RV camper there, gave People were laughing, smiling and engaged. Sun n Fun Adventures; Time to Join The Show and Show Off Too, MY IFR FLIGHT REVIEW Recalling and Enhancing My Best Flying Skills. Find a variety of aircraft that are designed to land and take off on water. copy. Taxi; with an electric-hydraulic Buy and sell airplanes and helicopters on service. Making the World’s Fastest Single-Engine Amphibious Airplane didn’t happen overnight. Although water landings were similar to Renegade flying, take offs were distinctly different. You made it! It lands like a graceful snow goose …. Power on and Viewing a detailed amphibian aircraft for sale listing provides additional information about the amphibian airplane for sale specifications and aircraft broker. With only one other water, hold the yoke back and slide off the step. Lake Renegade performance numbers can be found at High/Low/Average 1 - … of the two waitresses working there greeted me immediately. long as you wish.” I had to pinch myself; I had entered an alternate universe. $525,000 USD For me, it’s been a time of reflection and research. eighteen years.” Today, we’ll fly through procedures for a dream flight Arriving at the Greenville airport (3B1), I landed my Super Restoration tools and equipment also available separately. One rusts, one doesn’t. Condo association owns common grounds and taxiway. There’s just us IFR pilots doing their thing, flying solely by reference to instruments. Avionics, new ratings, engines, new and older aircraft for sale, adventure planning and assistance, and group projects just to name a few. Why wouldn’t anyone want to live here? One flies like a ton of metal, the other like an eagle. Next, I dropped the water rudder and put in take-off flaps as I steered up river toward the bridge from which some passing motorists overhead likely gasped because they couldn’t believe their own eyes. I recognize this doubt; Dream: Flying My Super Seawind Amphibian; A Snow Goose Returns, From Kit to Wings, Building the World’s fastest Turbine Amphibian. Enter the Super Seawind: The first time I remember taking off from water was on Lake Miaka in Florida. Sun n Fun Airshow: What not to miss: First, the presentations by experts in just about anything you can think of related to flying aircraft.