All experiences of God in the dream state( or in svarga loka) are that of Taijasa- subtle visions, dream visions, subtle voice, mental visions etc. It is good to dream of musical instruments being played. Agni Purana narrates the dream interpretation in Hindu mythology, such as seeing Lord Vishnu in dream meaning, brahmin in dream meaning, Lord Rama in dream meaning, and many more. There is something in your life that is in need of your attention. The dream states your pure emotions. Dream about goddess is a portent for possibilities and potentials. The dream continues to be a good one if one dreams of milking a lioness or a she-elephant thus. There is something that you have yet to discover about yourself. After receiving a god dream you must confess your act to the related person or you can try to improve the situations created by you in others life. Also if one experiences both good and bad dreams in same night, they should discuss only 2nd dream with others as it will only have effect. A dream seen in the second phase of night, will give results in 6 months. Other dreams which have good interpretations are, for example, dreams of the dreamer’s receiving blessings form devas or brahmanas or of being anointed with water. We are often curious to know the meaning of marriage dream and meaning of snakes in dreams according to Hindu mythology. God said, “I am present in everything and everyone.” Moral : Like the woman in the story, we too, may treat people or other living creatures and things around us without respect and love, and still keep waiting to “see” God. Hinduism could possibly give you … Dream about god hindu is a harbinger for a happy and bright outlook. Agni Purana narrates dream interpretation in Hindu mythology and meaning of dreams according to vedas. Similarly dreams filled with the visions of one’s death, of destruction of one’s house by fire, of royal rewards, or of playing of stringed instruments, are highly auspicious. And if in a dream you see that you have caught hold of the enemy’s flag, that surely means that you will triumph over the enemy. You possess the physical power and stability of the lion and the vision, spirit and alertness of the eagle. Some symbols are harbingers of great … Strangely enough, a dream where the dreamer sees that he is eating rice pudding is a good dream. Or of riding a bull or climbing a tree. You are feeling isolated even though you are surrounded by family and friends. Dear Reader, Dream about someone sitting next to you shoulder to shoulder in a fighter jet is a portent for…, Dear Rj, Dream about praying over your possessed auntie and crying suggests handling, new things and perfection. Although the general atmosphere of the day is more platonic, you can still make quite a bit of headway through the subtle art of conversation. Perhaps someone is invading your personal space. They were orphaned on the street and…, Gdmorning,pls I had a dream last night and in d dream in was in a church and there was another…, Dear Reader, Dream about your fiance and you applying body lotion together states help, good things and situation. Dream about god in hinduism is about masculine power, dominance and energy. The dream is a portent for wisdom, insight, magic, expanded awareness and virtue. There is … This dream…, I dreamed me and my fiance we were applying body lotion from the same container and it was running low…. This dream denotes some repressed feelings…, Dear Efe, Dream about collecting red palm oil which is in a clean bottle is a signal for memories, creativity…, I dreamt about being separated from two children I grew very close with. In Hinduism, when god Indra transforms himself into an animal, he becomes a peacock. Before the flight I took…, Hey good morning happy Tuesday I have a question I just had a weird dream I was praying over my…, Dear Reader, Dream about children being separated against will signifies repression, fortune and family. If you dream of eclipses of the sun, the moon or the stars, by all means rejoice. Dreams during 1st quarter will yield bad results after one year. You are able to see what others cannot. This is a message for your courageous struggles toward achieving your highest ambitions and goals. It is time to be more assertive and take control of your life. Other three being Jagrit (waking), Supta (dreamless sleep) and Turiya (transcendent). The dream states your pure emotions. The dream in which the dreamer fancies himself as furnished with a large number of heads and arms, or sees that his hairs have been tinged with grey, or that he has been clad in white garments, or has been decorated with garlands of white flowers, are the harbingers of good fortune. The dreamer who dreams of his coronation is blessed. If so could you help me with my dream. ... Mara I too had a dream of seeing a sidhar in a temple. Dreams Gods Goddesses. It is said that during the exile period, both – Laxmana and Sita – were constantly disturbed by dreams and signs around them. There are many dreams that are good dreams. Sometimes, the god Shiva appears in dreams of people who were worshippers of the god in some of their past lives, if we stick to Hindu tradition. You are doing something that will be good for everybody. Agni Purana is one of the 18 Puranas {holy ancient Hindu texts} that impart the great knowledge and wisdom. You are involved in a slightly sticky situation. As is the case with dreams of drinking wine or blood. For example, dreams that involve mountains, palaces or snakes. 2:6 ... Christian Dream Symbols Dream about hindu deities is a message for exclusivity, wealth and prestige.