I was hoping she'd say the Sealy Hyrbid but I actually felt a traditional style mattress was the best choice. Their product portfolio spans every price point and adopts different materials, so that everyone can find the sleep comfort they deserve. Feels like I'm sleeping on a cloud. Serta iComfort has been a favorite mattress of mattress big-box stores and traditional mattress retailers for decades. So glad I bought this mattress. 1. No kidding, this mattress is the perfect firm but with cradling comfort. With these mattresses specifically, some sleepers report problems with lasting comfort. Seriously, sometimes when I'm just walking by I go touch it just because it makes me feel good. Sleeping in a 'hole' cannot roll out. Length of Ownership Great mattress for the first 6 months, then support degrade after that. Take a look at the specifications of the mattress, warranty, and return policies before buying if you are considering. My wife and I now have a 'hill' down the middle of the mattress that limits your sleeping space to your own body cavity hole. It in no way provided the same comfort I got in the store. When I said, "Oh really? My husband and I tried this mattress in 2013. We purchased an iComfort mattress in September 2012, and it is already broken down. A hole appeared in the mattress after two years. Simply AMAZING! I am not accustomed to writing a negative review, especially after reading so many reviews that are positive; but please beware because you too could experience the same circumstances that we are currently experiencing. I chose the firm mattress because of my back problems and believe me it helps. My mattress was delivered on a Saturday and Monday I called the store and returned it. this mattress is great. My husband and I are senior citizens (72 and 75 years of age). Paid thousands for this mattress. Never had a back problem before. . So I'm sleeping on one side of the mattress, which will also obviously degenerate.I'll never again buy this brand. Most reviewers report that these mattresses do well with support, but some had some complaints about feel. I have arthritis, curvature of the spine, and other joint and spine issues. Of course the fine print in the "warranty" specifies the inches that it has to sag and says I'd have to pay for inspection and transportation. I am a 65% side - 35% back sleeper, so if you are the same, you can feel safe considering this bed. Within a year the mattress sagged, though not more than 1 inch. I’m soo happy I got this! Paid over $2600 for a king-size Stearns & Foster mattress at Sleepy's. Called the customer service for Sleep Train. Serta will tell you "well they are independent" but guess what? Stay home 6-8 mo. Will never buy another Stearns and Foster. Serta suggests rotating the mattress (head to foot) every few months for the first year and then twice annually after that. As a leading brand across the globe, Serta is designed to provide exceptional comfort. Then I felt the center of the mattress, which is where I was sleeping, in a moment of revelation. Being a stomach sleeper it provided no support. The base and mattress arrived in separate packages and sere carefully loaded into my garage. iComfort, like most memory foam beds, adopts the one-sided design. I wake up with so much pain and feeling exhausted instead of rested. I put the S & F upstairs in the guest room but no one wants to sleep on it. All reviews I’ve read and there has been probably 100 have claimed the customer service and honoring what they promise you was 100%. When it comes to your own comfort, your own body is the only North Star. I sure wish I would have looked for reviews because it certainly is easy to find people who have had the same terrible experience. You can even see the "file a warranty claim" link on their website, but it does not work (broken link). After reading complaints about the same exact thing regarding the Stearns and Foster mattresses, I see I'm not the only one. However, some have reported some issues over the long term so make sure to review before purchasing. When we received our new box spring we took apart our old box spring and discovered that the metal frame bends super easy. I have no problems feeling like I am stuck in it and I LOVE the zero motion disturbance - doesn't feel like the mattress is moving around with you. We all want a mattress that lasts 10 years or more, and when instead our new mattress causes us pain after a year, this is the worst. They would like us to retake the photos - they do not care that it would be basically a hardship for us to go through that procedure again. iComfort mattresses tend to moderately conform to one's body resulting in well-distributed support and pressure-point relief.