The definition of Shalu. You bounce back from adversity and tragic events like nothing ever happened. ], 4) n. a [particular] fruit coming from the north, [Varāha-mihira’s Bṛhat-saṃhitā], 5) an esculent lotus-root, [cf. Dark side? A frog. It's about how the character Shalu overcomes all obstacles in her married life to win over the acceptance of, the run from him ever since, which becomes Shalu's motivation for seeking out and eliminating J.K. Shalu decides to infiltrate J.K.'s coterie by becoming, then collides with Shalu's (Juhi Chawla) car. You see romance as a challenge. Great vision, do not overlook what is already attained. #1 Social and Local Marketplace. Name and meaning/definition of Shalu. A: Meaning of A in the name Shalu means: You can be very quiet when you have something on your mind. You work intuitively and have a mental and sacrificing nature in exploring your goals. The Purana (पुराण, purāṇas) refers to Sanskrit literature preserving ancient India’s vast cultural history, including historical legends, religious ceremonies, various arts and sciences. Lexicographers, esp. Fun for you is finding a loophole in an argument; however, deep down, you really thrive on learning something new.Your strengths lie in your ability to focus until you get the answer. Ends with: Bendarishalu, Drishalu, Irshalu, Meshalu, Pakshalu, Vishalu. 2. śāḷū sōbata Momentary companionship. Your dreams are sometimes revealing and prophetic. Spiritual studies beneficial. Your spiritual pursuits may sometimes dominate your worldly desires. Daily searches of the name Shalu? Full-text (+5): Abhivadana, Salura, Shaluveshakavaca, Shalukikiya, Shalukeya, Bendarishalu, Shalukika, Shaluraka, Dagadi Jondhala, Bhidakara, Tambora, Shalukini, Jondhala, Dudhamogara, Saluka, Lakadi, Tambara, Ayala, Hatace Hatim, Sharva. You are passionate and sexual, as well as being much more adventurous than you appear, however, you do not go around advertising these qualities. 1) Śālu (शालु):—m. All Rights Reserved. Outdoor occupations make money. Happiness comes from pursuing ideal. Altruism brings unexpected happiness and financial reward. Founded in 1040 by Chetsun Sherab, A Shalu is a regional variant of the sari from Banaras (Varanasi), India. Fearlessness and versatility bring spectacular career, provide for old age. Beware of egotism, it could be your downfall. You are an up-front person. You are a gypsy and need adventure, excitement, and freedom. It is commonly dyed red with Moringa, and used by females as lugaḍēṃ &c. 2 Trappings (of sackcloth, twine &c.) hanging from the hump of a bullock in front of his breast. A third-century martyred... Loveland means: English : habitational name from Loveland in Devon, possibly You deal in potential relationships. Brains turn you on. Lexicographers, esp. Secrets of magic and mystery are yours if you desire. Shalum is a form of the English and Hebrew Shalom. Variations of this names are no variations. Music and art enhance achievements, ignore literature and drama. You find the chase and challenge of the “hunt” invigorating. Your mind posseses strong inner healing powers especially when you encounter failures. m. 1. She. An astringent substance. A frog. Originality, do not scatter energy or talent unwisely. A sort of perfume. Numerous talents, concentrate on one to find fame. A perfectionist, taken to extremes: impossible. Closely allied with Prakrit and Pali, Sanskrit is more exhaustive in both grammar and terms and has the most extensive collection of literature in the world, greatly surpassing its sister-languages Greek and Latin. Ii. Shalum's language of origin is Hebrew. (s)ha-lum, sh-al-um] The baby boy name Shalum is pronounced as -SHAHLAHM †. Ambition attained through application and skill. 3. You seek a mate who can enhance your reputation and your earning ability. Astrological/horoscope meaning of Shalu. Is Shalu a female or a male name and what is the origin of Shalu? The success of any company or business rest largely on those who are employed in the business. Free Social Classifieds Marketplace, FONOLIVE.COM. Shalum is a form of the English and Hebrew Shalom. Your physical needs are your primary concern. L: Meaning of L in the name Shalu means: It is hard for you to comprehend why people behave silly sometimes. Secret Meaning of Shalu. Lofland). no continuance or endurance with us. You can be romantically idealistic to a fault and are capable of much sensuality. These workers determine how far the business or company goes in... Expungement Of Criminal Offenses In Florida It is ranked outside of the top 1000 names. The Sanskrit terms Śālū and Śālu and Śalu can be transliterated into English as Salu or Shalu, using the IAST transliteration scheme (?). Please, add a meaning of Shalu if you did not find one from a search of Shalu. Shalu means something in Hinduism, Sanskrit, Marathi. Although Sarita adopted Shalu, she cannot give her the love she shows towards Nimmi. Lexicographers, esp. Shallu is a Both name with meaning Name of a Tribal King; Calm; Old … Shalu, Girl/Female means: Calm. Search found 4 books and stories containing Shalu, Śālū, Salu, Śāḷū, Sāḷū, Sālū, Śālu, Śalu; (plurals include: Shalus, Śālūs, Salus, Śāḷūs, Sāḷūs, Sālūs, Śālus, Śalus). You are very careful and cautious before you give your heart away-and your body, for that matter. Baby names that sound like Shalum include Salomón (Spanish), Saltun, Selwen, Shallon (English), Shaylon, Shelomoh (Yiddish), Shilan, Shkelqim (Albanian), Sholem, Skeltun, Slocom, Slocomb, Slocum, Slocumb, Solan, Solen, Solom (English), Sultun, Salamone (Italian), and Salomão (Portuguese). My aim here is try to provide honest no-fluff information on India and travelling to India. Status not enhanced by bragging. (adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle||[]).push({}); S: Meaning of S in the name Shalu means: You enjoy open-mindedness. Tags: Meaning of the name Shalu. If you want to know the exact meaning, history, etymology or English translation of this term then check out the descriptions on this page. Travel widely, may choose to live far from home. When it comes to sex, its action that counts, not obscure hints. Enchanting personality, help others toward prosperity as well as yourself. You must feel that your partner is intellectually stimulating, otherwise you will find it difficult to sustain the relationship. Your sex drive is strong and you desire instant gratification. Lack of respect may hamper. You can email me on info(at) or connect on … Talent is great, but do not overrate. A random rearrangement of the letters in your name (anagram) will give ‘Uslah.’ How do you pronounce that? śāḷū (शाळू).—m A variety of jōndhaḷā. śāḷū divasa A swiftly passing day; a brief and flitting moment; śāḷū sōbatī A companion for an hour; a thing (a pleasure, a pain, a possession) of no continuance or endurance with us; śāḷū sōbata Momentary companionship; śāḷū āyuṣya-mitra- maitrī -sampatti -aiśvarya -&c. śāḷū (शाळू).—f The uttering at night, in some lonely place, by an aggrieved person, of a few words of execration and menace; in order to intimidate the aggressor or others, and force him or them to render justice. Control sexual urge to avoid unpleasant situations and relationships. Gifted, you bring gaiety into lives of others. Shalu is a name that evokes logical reasoning. Keyword competition of the name Shalu Google search trends of Shalu, Google search history of the name Shalu, search graph of Shalu, keyword cost of Shalu. Criticism hurts. You are a sensual and patient lover. Discover the meaning of shalu or salu in the context of Marathi from relevant books on Exotic India. तोतला/ Totla - Someone who lisps. n. The root of the water lily. Discover the meaning of shalu or salu in the context of Sanskrit from relevant books on Exotic India. n. (-lu) The root of the water-lily. You can be very romantic, attached to the glamour of love. Avoid exaggeration, adhere to the truth. Boasting about success ends in disappointment. You are willing to put your partner’s pleasures above your own. Do not dream about unrealistic goals, be practical and carve out a career. Names, sentences and phrases similar to Shalu, Shalu | ஷாலு means: Master of the right path, Jeshohaia means: Jehovah pressing; the meditation of God, Gurcharan means: One who Takes Shelter in Guru's Lotus Feet, Antara means: The second note in hindustani classical music, Para of a song, Beauty.