ICS tuition fees include technology in the classroom, with 1 to 1 devices from Grade 1 to 12, 4 field trips per year for the elementary school and a service learning trip for the middle and high school. Monthly fees for Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents or international students. Here's how much each school charges on top of their annual tuition fees. No application is considered until the application fee is paid. Privacy Policy -Terms & Conditions - International schools often have a higher price tag than expats may be accustomed to in their home countries. School Fees: School fees vary by Grade and are payable over 2 terms. Our Fees. Remarks: The above prices and fees are subject to change withoutprior notice. MOST RECOMMENDED INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS IN SINGAPORE AND WHERE THEY ARE. All types of fees are set by the school. A PDF file is also available for download for those looking to print a copy. All pupils are required to pay school fees. Be aware that the most popular schools on the list often have very long waitlists. An official receipt will be issued upon request only. And there are still others that are, unfortunately, regarded as places where students enrol just to secure a visa. Last year, the ministry announced an increase in school fees in Singapore for academic years 2018-2020. Ages 13 to 18. This table is comprised of the annual fees of some of Singapore's most prominent international schools. Our tuition fees are all inclusive for books, canteen, snacks and school outings. Fees for the 2021 Academic Year are available here. Fees schedule Tuition fees include course fees, all textbooks, workbooks, stationary, select after school and Co-Curricular Activities and a division Year Book. Lunch is included for Early Years students. AIS Singapore Elementary and Secondary schools caters to students aged from 6 to 18 years old. No refund more than 2 weeks after school starts. Many schools also charge an annual facility or building fees, sometimes referred to as a capital or development levy. IB, British, and Methodist curriculums. Web Design by Grafdom, Canadian International School - Tanjong Katong Campus, EtonHouse International School, Broadrick. So which international school should you go with? Tuition fees will be … Admissions Hotline: T: + 65 6517 0247 Please contact our admissions department to get more information concerning your child’s tuition fees. Please note, that tuition fees exclude transportation, uniforms, EAL fees, optional enrichment activities and miscellaneous fees 1 upon joining. Sibling discount for 3rd child: 10% discount for tuition fee only. On average, students can expect to pay between SGD $2000 to $12000 (roughly equivalent to USD $1500 to 8000) on a monthly basis in the case of the undergraduate and postgraduate students. Singapore American School: $30,981 (Preschool) $39,164 to $44,141 (kindergarten to high school) $35,570 to $43,025 (Grade 12) for second and subsequent years, $32,100 to $40,900 (pre-kindergarten full-day to grade 12 at Lakeside campus) per year, Tanjong Katong campus’ fees are slightly cheaper. If parents are not working in Japanese company, personal donation: $3,210 per family, English as a Second Language fee: $1,600 to $2,520 per semester, Learning Support Fee: $1,600 to $2,520 per semester, Parent-Teacher Association Fee: $22 per year, Excursions and field trips: $10 to $1,500, Additional English Support Fee - $4,500/academic year, Fees for special class trips and residential camps, Experiential Learning Programme: $400 to $3,000, IGCSE Examination fees (Grade 10): $100 per subject, IB Examination fee (Grade 12): $204 registration fee, $140 per subject, ECAs provided by external vendors: $30 to $300 per class. But did you know that this might be just the tip of the iceberg? All fees are in Singapore Dollars (SGD) and are inclusive of 7 percent Goods and Services Tax (GST). A non-refundable application fee of S$250 is payable at application submission. It has a unique international curriculum and a sprawling campus with state-of-the-art infrastructure. School fees for the 2019/2020 academic year. 2020/2021 School fees – per student, per year (reviewed annually) Cost breakdown K1–G1 G2–5 G6–10 (I)GCSE G10 FIB, G11–12; Tuition fees: $31,500: $31,935: $37,300: $38,955: Development levy – first year: $8,130: Development levy – second and subsequent years. Of course, your home country will also play a part in influencing your choice of school, as you might want to ensure your kids receive a formal education in your native language or continue under the same system they were under back home. Only Management Committee of Singapore International School, Bangladesh has the authority to waive fees for any pupils. Report Copy ... Australian International School has a vision to be known internationally as an institution which represents educational excellence in all aspects of its operation. In the case of programs in the field of Medicine or Dentistry, the tuition tends to be approximately a quarter higher than the standard fees. The fee needs to be paid in INR only and can be paid through a demand draft/ crossed cheque only, drawn in the favour of “Singapore International School” SIS fees are applicable as per the year of enrolment, every letter of acceptance issued at the time of admissions would detail the progressive fees applicable to the child up to grade 10. Your child's monthly school fees will differ based on their nationality and the type of school they attend. Enrolment Fee: A non-refundable Enrolment fee of $3,745.00 is payable upon acceptance of a place at SJI International. I will cover more about school fees in the later sections. Secondary school fees for foreigners: Secondary school fees for international students from ASEAN countries and non-ASEAN countries cost $720/month and $1,250/month respectively. $16,000 to $41,000 (Pre-K1 half-day to Grade 12), $16,400 (Nursery half-day) to $45,500 (Year 12), $14,985 to $31,350 (Nursery half day to Year 13), $12,250 to $26,230 (Toddler to pre-primary) to $27,450 to $34,010 (Primary to High School European Section), $21,660 (Nursery half day) to $38,584 (Year 13), $23,819.40 to $32,788.80 (Kindergarten to Year 13), $12,394.88 (Nursery) to $17,470.96 (Nursery to Class 10), $6,612 (Primary) to $7,511.40 (Secondary), $17,514 to $20,136 (Early Childhood to Grade 10), Fees include 2 sets of school uniforms, academic field trips, textbooks and technology/IT equipment, $11,600 to $38,750 (Nursery half-day to Grade 12), Bus transportation: $956 to $1,865 per semester, Laptop (for high school): $1,500 to $2,200, Interim Semester (for high school): $85 to $4,400, IASAS trip (for high school): $125 to $900, Outdoor Education trips: $6 to $1,000 per year, Support Programmes for English and Learning: $5,000 to $6,000 per year, Stationery, bags, clear folders, consumables and materials: $0.50 to $100, Exam, testing and marking fees: $1 to $2,000, Technology fee: $535 for Elementary students, $300 for Year 6 to 12 students with own laptop, $963 for Year 6 to 12 students with school-provided laptop, English as Additional Language fee: $3,210, Personal mobile technology device (for Year 5 to 13), English as an Additional Language: $3,300 per year (Year 1 to 9), Specialist support for children who need small class instruction: $34,950 to $37,950 per year, Admissions assessment fee for specialist support: $535, Learning material / excursions: $40 to $250, Extended afternoon programme (German section): $200 to $1,200 per year, English as an Additional Language: $1,390 per semester, Dutch as a mother tongue: $2,140 per year, Examination fees for IB (Grade 12): $1,500, Class trips, enrichment week and excursion fees: $$200 to $1,600, Managebac Account for CAS (IB Year 12): $50, Intensive English Support fee: $2,675 per semester, Additional English Support fee: $561,75 per semester, English as an Additional Language fees if required, Apple MacBook compulsory for all Year 7 to 13 students, Activity fee: $1,733 (Nursery) to $3,017.40 (Class 10) per year, Student welfare fee: $509.32 to $535 per year, School event fee: $483.64 to $513.60 per year, Resource fee: $860.28 to $1,523.68 per year, Technology fee: $1,408.12 to $1,335.36 per year.