The Dream Stream flows have been bumped up slightly over the past few days, which should improve the fishing. #20-24, Barr's PMD Emerger, The Colorado River Basin lies in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, and is home to some of Colorado's most prolific trout streams. When nymphing, precise presentations are required. Brown, Olive, Black, With these more difficult conditions, it is essential to have polarized sunglasses, use long fluorocarbon leaders, and attempt to get that perfect drag-free drift. Red, Golden, Copper, There is very little ice on the banks, so the majority of the river is fishable. You'll see a continuation of Trico activity with increased presence of Pseudo Baetis (Small Fall BWO's), and the full Midge Lifecycle. Not much has changed in terms of the fly selection, with midges and Baetis dries and emergers being the most effective. Black, Olive, You will want to land the fish as quickly as possible, reduce unnecessary handling of the fish, and get off the water in the early afternoon when the temperatures get warm. #20-24, Graphic Caddis, Sparkel Wing, If the flows are maintained or even slightly increased, we could continue to see spawners well into the end of April. SOUTH PLATTE BASIN Fishing Report View Report. Approach with caution, these fish are on alert. #18-22, Nitro Caddis, Red, Natural, Good news is that the reservoirs are full and flows have been bumped slightly up to around 86 c.f.s. Royal Gorge Anglers operates the oldest fly fishing guide service and full service flyshop on the Arkansas River Freestone and Arkansas River Tailwater. Try a hopper dropper rig leading with an Amy's Ant and a zebra Copper John as your dropper. Look for fish feeding in the riffles and approach with caution. Apricot, Red, Pink, Rating 1/5. Fly Fishing Report for the South Platte River in Colorado. Olive, Dun, The Trico spinner is generally fished on the surface behind a larger dry however, when the spinner fall begins use that same Trico dry as a drowned Trico by using it as your tail fly on a tandem or triple nymph rig. Spring and Fall are the best times for tossing streamers here. Stop by our store for your fishing report, and remember that even the Kokanee salmon caught in this area must be released alive into the water. This has the fish spread out throughout the entire river. Red, Zebra, #20-24, TB Yellow Sally Nymph, Wait for the water to heat up a bit as we have seen very little feeding activity until 11am or so. Nymphing is suggested with #5/#6x fluorocarbon tippet or smaller. red, brown, #22-24, Darth Baetis, Redds are along the river, so please be sensitive to them and avoid fishing those areas. Olive, Black, Gray, The afternoons have seen light (tan/yellow) color caddis and PMDs in the 16-18 range and tiny Tricos in 22-26s. Red, Black, Chocolate, Try fishing a Mayer’s Mini Leech trailed by a tube midge or Radiation Baetis. Despite the low winter flows and cool temps the fishing has been great. Black/Green, Flow is at 45 c.f.s. The South Platte River above Spinney Reservoir is flies and lures only. In the very early hours before the Trico hatch try nymphing with a brown San Juan worm trailed by a black Rs2. for the past month. Target the deeper slots where you can see fish stacked up, cover lots of water, and use ample weight to quickly get the flies in the feeding zone. With still relatively low flows and lots of pressure from anglers, fluorocarbon tippet in 5x/6x is absolutely necessary.