Slice the tofu and bake it for about 15 minutes and for another 5 minutes on the other side. However, I left out the red pepper flakes to make the sauce less spicy and added a little more maple syrup. Heat the oil in a frying pan and cook the garlic and onion until golden brown. Cook longer if needed until golden brown. ½ tsp salt. In the meantime, cook your rice until light and fluffy, and chop up the veggies into big sized pieces. Most people think that tofu is boring because it tastes bland. Mix the sugar, tamari, gochujang and water in a bowl. To make a sticky sriracha tofu bowl: Prepare the Sweet and Spicy Sriracha Tofu according to the directions here. This flavorful sweet and sour sauce with notes of ginger and garlic will make your taste buds happy. Recipe PDF Vegan, gluten-free, nut-free Servings: 4 (of approx. And yes, it does taste boring without a marinade or a flavorful sauce. Feel free to fry or sauté the tofu in a frying pan with some oil. 2 Tbsp (16 g) cornstarch (or sub arrowroot starch) 1 Tbsp (15 mL) vegetable oil. Spicy Garlic Tofu. ¼ tsp black pepper Ingredients: sauce. ½ cup each) Prep Time: 5 min Cook Time: 2 0 min Total Time: 25 min Ingredients: tofu 1 block (450 g) extra firm tofu, cut into into ½ inch (1 cm) cubes. Set aside.