start thinking of I ended up mixing the mascarpone/whipped cream component and judging the amount of sliced strawberries I needed based on that and the amount of room the ladyfingers gave me inside of the cake pan (it ended up being about 4 1/2 cups of sliced strawberries). is just in time for strawberry season. I would probably suggest using shortbread cookies, but any vanilla cookie would work well. And the twins sound so cute , Lindsay, this summer dessert looks so simple and delectable! I recently saw a meme that said, “Sorry I can’t come out for a month, I just went out two nights in a row,” and that meme is SPOT ON. This was a hit at my house. Once everything is layered together, refrigerate it until the filling firms up. impressive. Mix in powdered sugar and vanilla until smooth. I plan to use Angel Food Cake. I didn’t do the graham cracker topping just decorated with sliced strawberries. Strawberry Shortcake Trifle 5. Required fields are marked *. This recipe is basically a strawberry shortcake lasagna, which means it has layers of cookies, strawberries, and cream cheese whipped cream. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Powered by the Publisher Platform (P3). Let thaw 20 minutes before serving. a more cake-y ladyfinger. Use 5 ounces of vanilla wafers, ladyfingers or chocolate wafers in place of the graham crackers if you prefer the flavour or want to use up what you have on hand. Set aside. I haven’t made anything with ladyfingers before because I usually equate them to tiramisu, which has coffee in it and I’m not a coffee lover. I’ve made it into cake and a cake roll and a no bake dessert with Golden Oreos, but this one is my favorite. The taste was good. The whipped cream is folded into the cream cheese mixture and then the strawberries are added. Exclusive Member of Mediavine Food. Well I took them to the store over the weekend for a few things – exciting things like storage boxes and groceries. The filling is a combination of cream cheese, sugar and whipped cream. Looking for a traditional strawberry shortcake recipe? The directions never mention that again and, in fact, I believe it would be impossible and disastrous. Can’t wait to try again with the actual ingredients listed! The topping can be added at any point – when the cake is chilling, or just before serving. recipe. I love a simple icebox cake because there’s no oven involved – and no cake either! Yeah I’m not sure why it looks like so much in the video, but 3 tablespoons is correct. You didn’t say anything that warranted that rating. Made with fresh strawberries, a berry cream filling and soft ladyfingers, it’s light, simple and layered to perfection! Thank you! I’m so glad to hear that! Layered with strawberry ice cream, luscious strawberries and topped with freshly whipped cream! 8. the recipe to the T This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You could drizzle it with a little warmed strawberry jam to add in even more strawberry flavor, YUM!! If you do end up using a cookie, you’ll just want to dip them in a little milk before adding them to the icebox cake. so easy to make that When the half-and-half mixture is simmering, remove from the heat and gradually whisk it into the egg mixture, going slowly and whisking constantly so as not to curdle the eggs. Cover with plastic wrap. I used some additional strawberries for the topping and used all 2 pounds in the filling. Thank you Lindsay for me new fav desert! You refrigerate it. Did you do a quick dip in the milk or let them sit for a minute? 7. into a chocolate made the day before. Add sugar and vanilla and whip again for 10 seconds. They are also at a kind of in-between age where they aren’t talking yet (oh my gosh it should happen ANY DAY NOW! Before serving, just top it with fresh whipped cream and berries and it’s the perfect no-bake dessert recipe! I used the harder lady fingers but I didn’t buy enough heavy cream so I used a cup of half & Half with a 1/2 t of cream of tartar, it was a little loose but once together it was perfect! After I made this Famous Banana Pudding recipe with Nilla Wafers and I realized how, when they soften, they become like cake, I knew that making strawberry shortcake with them would be the perfect summer dessert recipe. 5. I used the hard lady fingers. Strawberry Icebox Cake. It seemed like every thing I put in the cart ended up in his mouth or being thrown out onto the floor because he didn’t want it in his way.