I can love you wherever I want, distance notwithstanding. Sometimes it’s not enough, but it’s all I have. We’ve got beautiful memories together that the distance cannot dare to erase. Happy anniversary, my love. This makes missing you bearable. I know you’re so close yet far away. 109. This distance is not very bearable. If the words resonate with you, they're sure to mean a lot to your man, too. I miss you. 114. Just holding your hands and seeing you smile settles it all. My love for you knows no mile, you’re my infinite love. Love, they say when it’s distant, passion reduces and feeling dies but I have found that with you in my life, there is a difference. 91. 20. Your email address will not be published. Won’t you come back and make me smile again? eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'sweetlovemessages_com-mobile-leaderboard-1','ezslot_27',119,'0','0']));29. Many times, smile, strength, joy, fulfilment awakens from my spirit just for one reason, that’s You, my love. I know someday it will be worth. Your wife loves you. I’m so short of words right now that I can’t explain how much I miss and long to have you with me. You are the most caring person I've ever met, and you have made my life better in more ways than I could ever count. I miss you, babe. Please hurry up home already, okay? You can drop a comment using the comment box. Darling, I miss everything about you; the sound of your voice, your silly jokes and constant tease, the way you hold my hand like I’m a baby. 60. "If I know what love it, it is because of you." Missing you dearly. The distance has thought me that even though you don’t live here right now, you are in my future. I really need you back soon.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'sweetlovemessages_com-leader-2','ezslot_24',121,'0','0'])); 31. 72. I’m not the same without you but I’m holding on to our beautiful love. 1. No matter how distracting and engaging the day gets, it’s still never enough to stop me from thinking about you. I do not own the world but as long as I have you, I’m contented. 100. I can’t wait to hold you close and feel the deep passion I have yearned for. I trust you are missing me too * insert wink emoji*. Because it’s you I’m in love with, I’ll wait even till the end of time. May all your visions and goals never drain. Many times, values and worth are being appreciated. 89. So, even if we’re far apart, I’m still here cheering you on, because I believe in you too. I will give anything to have you here with me, sweetheart, I miss you. I miss you! Carol White Last Updated October 6, 2018, 10:18 am. 125. You are the only one I want. I’m looking forward to the day when distance doesn't keep us apart. We may be miles apart but I need to let you know that I’m still your biggest fan. I know the suffering of this present time, can’t compete with the glory to come. I wish I could be there to hold you. You’re absolutely amazing—the most wonderful person I have ever met. 70. 89. I carry you in my heart and in my spirit; I miss you though. Kisses, darling. This is a daily reminder that your place in my heart and life is irreplaceable. These are cute Messages for Husband Working Abroad. 82. 123. I love you, my hero. I long for you, dear. 64. You don’t know if they are going to miss you or forget about you. 58. Even if you were at the ends of the earth, my heart beats just for you; I don’t want you to ever forget that. Until we meet again, I miss you so much, baby. Words are not enough to describe how special it feels to marry the man of your dreams and live happily ever after. Also see these Sweet Messages for Long Distance Husband. My love for you swells continuously. Come back to me safe and sound. So many things remind me that I need you around here but oh well. The wait, the occasional silence and not hearing from him as much as you’ll love to, might weigh you down at times. 47. I’m glad I found you. ―Pablo Neruda, "They say when you are missing someone that they are probably feeling the same, but I don't think it's possible for you to miss me as much as I'm missing you right now." Your email address will not be published. 107. 26. Going a day without you feels boring. I’m happy to see that our relationship is standing the test of time. I miss you already. Love you overflowing. You were in my dreams, then I woke up but you were not by my side. It feels like my heart is empty and my body misses its touch. There is even a feeling of stronger love in distance relationship. 78. —Angelita Lim, "You don't love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or for their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear." Distance means so little when someone means so much to you. 42. I believe sooner we will be together. Your voice just calms my soul. To build my future with a unique and blessed man has been my dreams. I love you, dear. 25. 16. 84. All that I need is for you to come home so we can get started! Please come back soon, baby. But distance shouldn’t be a barrier to showing love. I didn’t realize that I depended on you so much; God, the pressure! I feel true love even from a distance. I hope you get back soon. My body longs for your warm touch. 74. I love that you love me despite the distance. Please come back already. Oh hey, love, I trust you are doing great, everything is not the same in your absence but trust your baby girl to be holding it down just right. If I should count the minutes I think of you, I’ll count every minute. Just because your boyfriend or husband is far away doesn't mean the two of you can't share a little romance. Not everyone could cause laughter and put smiles on people’s faces but you’re exceptional and a great personality. Despite the fact that it hurts terribly not to have you around me, I find it easy to focus on how much I love you and how strong our bond is. I hope you’ll be back soon to complete me. I miss you every single day even when I know that it’s for the best. Words can’t explain how much I love and desire you. The best gift I could receive for our anniversary is your endless love, but having you back at home comes a close second! I must admit that I miss you so much, it’s too quiet when you’re not here. I love it when you call me and want me to feel included in your adventures and life. I love you very much. It’s so hard seeing the world for what it truly is when you are not next to me. I miss you though. A thousand miles apart. I hate watching our favourite shows all by myself, these and many more, I have had to do but I do it all in love. Best of sweet and romantic love quotes for him long distance. Can't wait to see you again, babe! Then I met you, and you gave me that happiness. 66. Nothing in this world is better than your warm touch. Do you remember the time that we did [insert a memory you really liked here]? 10. A day wouldn’t be enough to show you all I wish and I’m wishing. As your hands can’t reach me right now, I need your mind to touch me in all the places that matter. I sleep and wake up with thoughts of you yet it’s not enough to make up for your absence. I realise that what I call home wasn’t the house but it was you in it. Below, you will find some common love phrases. 17. I miss the late night conversations we have right before we fall asleep, I miss making your meals, I promise I won’t cry anymore but it’s still so hard to live far away from you, my sweet husband. The hardest thing I have ever had to do is living away from you. 39. I do not care about the distance, all I care about is you and will always be you. The way our heart is tuned together, the distance has nothing against us. I long for you to make me whole again, lift my chin and plant a kiss on my lips. I love you, babe. I miss everything about you. The feeling I have for you surpasses all distance and space. 52. Even the usual Sunday hang out with friends was void of your constant joke. You’ve made me an extraordinary woman. Sometimes my tears drop and I wish you were here with me. I love you, darling.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'sweetlovemessages_com-mobile-leaderboard-2','ezslot_28',123,'0','0'])); 41. 68. Happy anniversary, honey. Your absence just makes everything dull and grey. 44. I miss you so much and I love you too. You’re priceless to me.