The five brushes all have a limited edition gold handles with the Tarte logo printed on the top part. I love Tarte brushes and just had to have this set too. I think one of the things I noticed first about the brushes was the fact they were so heavy. This set is great for anyone that wants just an eye set, or more eyebrushes to add to a full face set that doesn’t have many eye brushes. Get ready in five with this set of eye, cheek and face brushes that are perfect for achieving a full face in a flash. They look really nice with the sparkley black handles and the hot pink bristles. Tarte is renowned for making cruelty-free cosmetics with natural ingredients, and the company’s focus on high-quality, eco-friendly products extends to its line of makeup brushes. Tarte offer brushes of various sizes designed for applying your favorite foundation, blush, concealer, and more. They are quite well made in regards to the handle and they aren’t a flimsy or light. Shop Tarte 5-Pc. Full Face Brush Set online at