7. (d) Application of appropriate wound dressings and external supportive treatment in severe wound and burn cases; and For more than a decade, the Texas VMA has fielded reports from veterinarians who have seen a spike in the use of power tools by nonveterinarians floating horses' teeth and, with it, an increase in the use of sedative drugs. 5. The Oklahoma State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners responded to that law by saying a definition of "animal husbandry" was needed and by drafting emergency rules, because the legislative session had ended in May. The Institute for Justice, a libertarian public interest law firm, filed two lawsuits on behalf of a dozen lay individuals who claimed they were denied their constitutional rights to earn a living by floating horses' teeth and challenged the legality of the board's actions. Routine laboratory test procedures; This bill went before the state agriculture committee Jan. 19. Stay current on important veterinary news, AVMA activities, and member services. The bill's language defined equine tooth floating not as a part of equine dentistry but as an act of animal husbandry, along with branding, castrating, dehorning, deworming, ear notching, tail docking, farriery, massage, pregnancy checking, artificially inseminating, vaccinating, and collecting, preparing, and freezing semen. This angered opponents, including the farm bureau, which filed a lawsuit in September seeking an injunction against the state board to have the emergency rules lifted, said Cathy Kirkpatrick, executive director of the state board. At the beginning of the year, however, the Farm Bureau and the state board agreed to sit down together and hash out a compromise. Dr. Blount said the Arkansas VMA is now having legislation drafted that would request an interim study to evaluate the practice act pertaining to large animal medicine. The TVMA helped defeat the legislation, and its Equine Committee was inspired to appoint a task force to work on crafting its own legislation on the issue of lay practitioners "and how we can allow them to continue to work but do it in such a way that the public and animals are protected," said Chris Copeland, JD, executive director of the Texas VMA. (g) Peform arterial catherization; Intravenous catheterizations, Griswold was the first to be charged under a new law that made equine dentistry a felony unless the work was done by or supervised by a licensed veterinarian. veterinary technician, or equine dental provider in the state of Texas, enter the practice and provide . 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Breaking updates and practical resources for veterinary teams. 9. RVT – has passed the National Veterinary Technician Exam and has registered with the Georgia State Board of Veterinary Medicine. We would really like to find a solution that works for everyone involved, most importantly for the public and their animals. Three states in particular—Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas—have been addressing where certain medical procedures should fall under their state veterinary practice acts. 3202) because they got mad when we arrested (Griswold) two years ago," Kirkpatrick said. Cover photo: The Texas Capitol is a marvel of craftsmanship down to the smallest details. 1055 was prefiled in the Arkansas state legislature Dec. 15, 2010, to amend the Arkansas Veterinary Medical Practice Act concerning large animal practice. The lawsuits are still pending, but this past November, Judge Orlinda Naranjo made a partial ruling in the case, saying that if the state board wished to change the tooth floating policy, it would have had to go through standard procedures, which the board failed to do. 8. We clearly established that the practice act is the law set forth through the legislature to safeguard animal welfare by setting the standards for proper veterinary medical care—that it is, in fact, the people's practice act to protect the public from substandard veterinary care and to provide the standards for proper animal medical care and welfare.". 4. (1) Immediate Supervision means that the duly licensed veterinarian is in audible and visual range of the animal patient and the person treating the animal. Texas For more than a decade, the Texas VMA has fielded reports from veterinarians who have seen a spike in the use of power tools by nonveterinarians floating horses' teeth and, with it, an increase in the use of sedative drugs. (j) Identify himself/herself as a Veterinarian Technician. The Arkansas VMA saw it had a potential fight on its hands when H.B. (e) Induce anesthesia; (d) Perform a nonemergency intubation; This will limit horse owners' choices and drive qualified and capable health care providers out of business. (c) Application of temporary splints or bandages to prevent further injury to bones or soft tissues;