A., Ismail, Y., & Ismail, A. But a banana can also contain 36.7mg of magnesium, providing about 10 percent of your daily requirement for that essential mineral, too. They’ll boost your electrolytes and keep you from feeling sluggish. Although they’re not electrolytes, iron and zinc are both essential for your health. Potential causes of an electrolyte imbalance include: Mild imbalances may not cause many symptoms, but more severe imbalances can cause a wide range of symptoms. A large banana packs about 480mg, or 10 percent of your daily requirement (%DV) of potassium. 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When there is an extreme deficiency or excess from even just one electrolyte, life-threatening disorders can occur. In fact, compared to turnip and mustard greens, beet greens have been shown to contain not only more of both electrolytes, but also other nutrients like vitamins K, A, and C. (12). Raisins are another easy, portable option for refueling electrolytes. Chocolate milk for recovery from exercise: A systematic review and meta-analysis of controlled clinical trials. You can even make your own DIY Natural Sports Drink using coconut water, lemons, honey, and sea salt! There is a delicate balance between these electrolytes for your body to be in optimal health. Avocados are bursting with healthy fats, potassium, magnesium, and zinc (and they’re delicious!). Those who engage in extreme workouts or sweat a lot while working out may also need to rehydrate and replace lost electrolytes using a sports drink. Are you concerned about your own hydration levels? Sodium: 3.3mg Easily added to porridge, salads and even pancakes, pumpkin seeds will give you a boost to fight colds and keep your bones strong. Phosphorus: 36.5mg. Electrolytes circulate in our body fluids and move in and out of our cells, allowing neurons to fire and muscles to contract. (11). "They do everything from hydrating our body and balancing the pH levels in our body, to regulating our muscle and nerve function and rebuilding tissue.". Potassium: 326mg (2017). Phosphorus: 42.2mg. The Consumption of Processed Tomato Products Enhances Plasma Lycopene Concentrations in Association with a Reduced Lipoprotein Sensitivity to Oxidative Damage. I mostly enjoy adding it to soups/broths/stews so I presume not too much is lost, but it would be interesting to know. Such imbalances can cause health issues. Roast the beets together with butternut squash and greens with a side of salmon for a complete meal. Top 20 Foods with Electrolytes. Electrolytes play an essential role in many bodily functions and processes. Not only do you get all the electrolytes, but you also get vitamins, a healthy source of carbohydrates and numerous other health-protective compounds. Nutrition Evidence Based 14 Healthy Foods That Are High in Potassium. A 100g serving of Greek yogurt contains about 100mg of calcium, while just 20g of cheddar cheese packs in 140mg! Key electrolytes include sodium (Na), potassium (K), calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), Phosphorus (P), and Chloride (Cl). The first signs are low electrolytes often include a headache, muscle spasms (calf cramps in the night are a sign of potassium and magnesium deficiency), low energy and dizziness or irritability. We can’t make our own electrolytes, and so we need to replenish our body’s stores on a daily basis. 1. Replenishing electrolytes with whole foods is the optimal choice if you want to avoid long-term health issues from chemicals in electrolyte drinks. Next up, five foods a nutritionist would remove from your diet. Strawberries 9. An electrolyte imbalance happens when electrolyte levels in the blood are too high or too low. DRINK MORE WATER WITHOUT DRINKING MORE WATER. However, reaching for that sports drink filled with refined sugar can do more bad than good. Nutrition Bonus: Citrus has higher levels of vitamin C and aromatase inhibitor, an anti-estrogenic compound helping prevent estrogen positive breast cancer in women and increase testosterone in males. Choose lacto-fermented pickles to also get some salt and probiotics after a hard workout. Use nature as your guide to find the best foods high in electrolytes throughout the year. A large banana packs about 480mg, or 10 percent of your daily requirement (%DV) of potassium. (1) Sodium and chloride constitute table salt and therefore are widely found in modern diets. Would you be able to add in the carbs for Oranges and the serving size for Pomegranates so we can compare to the others listed? However, these drinks are filled with harmful ingredients. One study found that pomegranate juice outperformed blueberry juice, red wine, vitamin C and synthetic vitamin E for quenching free radical damage inflicted upon cell membranes, while another study found that pomegranate helped reduce cellular oxygen radicals by 71% while increasing cellular antioxidants by 141%. But it also provides high levels of sodium, potassium, magnesium, and zinc. You can keep The Health Beat as an independent source of information by purchasing products through the affiliate links provided. Why are electrolytes important? 1. We Investigate. 2019]. . They’re packed with potassium, calcium, and magnesium, making them an all-around great choice for eating plain, on salads, or added to puddings or smoothies.