To learn more about me, check out this FAQ. I’m 33 and I was gonna say “since when was the gcn the golden age”? Gamecube collection so far. The increasingly complex nature of video games was also a problem back then as well, and the barrier to entry just kept growing. Are the Phantasy Star Online games worth playing solo? Where is Tales of Symphonia? LOVE THAT GAME. Bleep-bloop, I'm a bot. Love Simpsons hit and run. Time and time again, u/TheMisterManGuy comes up with some of the best discussion posts there are in this community. I get that a lot of that can be chalked up to childhood. But Nintendo definitely has the best single player titles that often don’t age bad which is incredible, Yeh man deffo!! report. save. And for every multiplatform title that did make it to the Cube, there were many more that skipped the console altogether due to the aforementioned problems. I'm also mainly going to play the game by myself. Simpsons hit and run, SpongeBob BFBB or SpongeBob The Movie. Check out Killer7. super smash bros 4? Always heard great things about soulcalibur but never played it. Maybe add Phantasy Star Online Episode III: C. A. R. D. Revolution to your list as well. Remember to respect each other's opinions and adhere to The Golden Rule or your submission will be removed. Mario Galaxy and Galaxy 2 were really the only good first party titles. If you are here right on this post then it means you have installed the latest version of Dolphin emulator and need to get the latest action, adventure, and other interesting Gamecube Roms for dolphin and enjoy the highest rated video games on your Android free. Did the Wii actually have a good library? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Why is it looked back on and revered? Thanks for the reply. ... You can play online on private servers still if you're using a wii to play gamecube games. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Never heard of army men but be sure to check it out. First off, it's image. The remaining "hidden gem" games on my wishlist are: Phantasy Star Online, Episode I & II (Is the Xbox version better? 451. Gamecube games weren't emulated by the system- the Wii literally just went into "Gamecube mode" if you will, which is why you can't use your Wiimote at all when a Gamecube game is launched. The GameCube lost the 6th gen console war. ", and did nothing to reverse the image. It didn't help that its flagship titles were an eco-friendly Mario with a weird commercial, a cartoonified Zelda game, and a strategy game about harvesting plant things to collect toys. The Gamecube was also the last Nintendo console to compete with the other systems in terms of performance power. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5f890d8cbd6cebb5 316. All casual content is welcome on r/casualnintendo! • Just needs a firmware update. Collection. It also has the Zelda-ported-forward thing going on. This led to Nintendo's renaissance of sorts with the Wii and Nintendo DS, which birthed new ideas for new types of consumers, most of whom never played video games before. The console has a pretty amazing library. 287. 64 and Sunshine have the highest totals for submitted runs, respectively. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. I played it on gamecube and ps2 a couple years ago. Close. Odyssey and 64 have the most active players, respectively. Ogre Battle is a sorely underrated strategy and RPG hybrid series from Quest / Square Enix. Some underrated Gamecube Games. No one is arguing that it wasn't a bit of a "flop" of a console. Thanks!!! Skies of Arcadia was for the Sega Dreamcast and had quite a few differences.