The regulator offered a rebate to the consumers who opted into the programme. The customer could purchase electricity at the vending PC. WBSEDCL has already extended the due date upto 15.052020 in case of low and medium voltage (L&MV) Vending was via Liberty On-Line, running on one PC situated at the Marina Mall complex. Reload offers mobile (prepaid, post paid), data card, DTH recharge, all types of bill payments. There is an in-built alert mechanism when credit is running low.” “Customers can see how much electricity they used yesterday, last week, last month or right now. Consultants to BPDB for the project were Fichtner, Germany and UDS, South Africa. Both the geography and demography of the north eastern region are challenging, and it is worth mentioning, that a persistent and efficient Liberty support team has been put in place for handling customer issues. Customer interested to subscribe for Prepaid broadband service should have After implementation of over 100 Liberty users, they wanted to roll-out online vending for the convenience of consumers. Unlike the previous Liberty variants, this time, the challenge was high reliability and scalability, considering the product was to be installed across Great Britain in millions of houses (UK plans to have 53 million smart meters by 2020). The Liberty system was launched as ‘Sabiq’ (in Arabic, one of the meanings is ‘first’). Conversely, they can instantly assess additional electricity consumption when they turn on an appliance, like a heater.” “By taking advantage of the energy use information provided by the meter, households can reduce their energy consumption by up to 10%, perhaps more.” “But, of increasing importance, it is an energy management technology that allows anyone to constantly monitor their electricity use and to apply the information provided by the meter to use their electricity more efficiently, and save money.” 2003 Kuwait Over the years, the owners and the end users have found the system user friendly and trust worthy Similar problems related to use of electricity were often encountered by utilities, facility developers, real estate owners, and house landlords. Selfcare portal. At times, the policy and regulatory aspects don’t necessarily create an environment that is conducive to the introduction of pre-payment. “This system takes the guesswork out of buying electricity. Today Liberty pre-payment vending is supported by more than 60 online vending stations in Muscat. The Liberty pre-payment meters were installed in Shillong, towards the end of 2014 and gradually as the utility and users started seeing the benefits, more and more users started preferring Liberty pre-payment system. The power situation has improved. An international jury of experts in technology and users selected the winners. The meters were developed to meet the specific needs of the New Zealand market. However, the overall bill for WBSEDCL customers will be less than that of their Calcutta counterparts, although the gap now narrows. The Liberty 100 solution is truly innovative and has been tested to collect data from more than 1 million metering points within minutes Liberty kept changing its avatar based on the needs of its global customers. 19% of people in the UK (roughly 10 million) use pre-payment meters to pay for their energy and this number is expected to rise. Liberty as a system was revolutionary and because of the benefits, it left an indelible mark in Northern Ireland - there are over half a million Liberty users today. Thousands of meters have been installed in phases since 2014. Secure proposed a keypad pre-payment system based on its Sprint meter and Liberty On-Line pre-payment system. Consultants from Germany and South Africa voted for Liberty, evaluating its benefits against others and choosing it as the solution to address the challenges of Chittagong city.Liberty played an important role in solving the problem and bringing about a major transformation in the Bangladesh power sectorLiberty played an important role in solving the problem and bringing about a major transformation in the Bangladesh power sector. With the introduction of pre-payment metering, arrears reduced because supply to the building disconnected automatically, without any external intervention, if the meter was not in credit. *Security aspects of Liberty System: Secure’s Liberty system, was very secure from the very start. But industrial users too can partially protect themselves from the impact of the hike by switching to prepaid meters. Because it is easy to use, in Northern Ireland the pre-payment sector has grown multifold – purely because consumers exercised the right to choose how they paid for their use of electricity. Robert Samson, Senior Project Manager of Fichtner, Germany stated “We expect PRI’s Liberty system will make life easier for consumers, and will also bring significant benefits for BPDB. During that time, it was also given a lot of attention in print media and was covered by major newspapers like The Economic Times, The Times of India, and The Telegraph etc. Liberty was positioned against a strong competition of established meter vendors from across the globe. I am impressed by the consumer awareness program that PRI is running to create understanding of the new system.”Technical Project Consultant, Mr. Keith Galatis of UDS said “PRI’s On-Line Liberty system is the only keypad pre-payment system with two-way capability. At the same time, demand for electricity has reduced by 50 per cent and tripping incidents have become rarer. The customer can recharge his account online from the BSNL Selfcare portal after “We were surprised that any single company could meet all of our demanding requirements”In early 2000, Chittagong had distribution system losses >25%; well above the national average. For limited plans,balance usage available if any will be carried forward,in case of 15 Days).Beyond 15 days(GP-1),balance Liberty in Northern Ireland helped primarily in three important ways: Improved customer satisfaction and reduced complaints Reduced costs by reducing call handling and site visits Gave better data security*. Pre-payment electricity metering represented 30% of electricity sold in Northern Ireland, but after the introduction of Liberty this figure rose to 41%. Its burden will be more for the government utility’s 75 lakh-odd customers than the 25 lakh who have CESC connections (see chart). The judges were bowled over by the scheme and commented, “Truly amazing”. In 2002 the NIE pre-payment project received a Special Commendation Award from The Capital Project Management Company. Only a small part of the invoiced consumption was collected as a result and often with considerable delay. Liberty was an innovative keypad pre-payment system with a flexible vending system - allowing customers to buy energy over the phone, on the internet or from traditional vending outlets. If consumers know exactly how much electricity they are consuming (there are instant alerts) and how much that costs (not quite the same with post-paid bills), they are more judicious in using electricity.”.