Raise hand. The speaker can either highlight what is on the slide or simply let the audience view … In addition to keeping it short, keep any slides that introduce the topic clutter free. Once you leave today’s webinar, you will receive a survey on the presentation, and we would appreciate if you would complete that and provide your feedback. Housekeeping … Add and customize the following slide to your webinar presentation deck to demonstrate the following: Adjust VoIP audio settings. Submit questions to Q&A. Another showstopper is the housekeeping slide. Housekeeping Items • Today’s webinar is scheduled to last 1 hour including Q&A • All dial-in participants will be muted to enable the speakers to present without interruption • Questions can be submitted via the Go To Webinar ‘Questions’ screen at any time • Get the slides … Webinar Housekeeping • Webinar will be recorded • No audio for audience, please ask questions via the Q&A panel • All slides, recordings and documents will be shared post webinar • Attendee view allows … Title: Webinar Housekeeping 1 WELCOME TO THE ORH WEBINAR SERIES! Housekeeping is content unrelated to your topic that you or someone else feels the audience should be aware of. You will also receive a follow-up email within 24-48 hours with a link to view a recording of today’s webinar. Zoom Video Webinar Housekeeping Slides. In fact, your introductory slides should have two or three sentences, max. GWTGInfo@heart.org Note: … A lot of companies actually create a housekeeping slide to show what is available in the webinar console. A Guided Tour of the Rural Veteran Outreach Toolkit Nancy K. Dailey, MSN, RN-BC . Please view the notes on the following slide … Intro slide with a catchy image along with big readable webinar title; Opening question in a corresponding layout that will focus on the question you want to ask; Agenda slide with a place for main webinar parts; Slide for webinar “housekeeping… Don’t list all housekeeping, achievements, and objectives on one or two slides. Webinar Housekeeping ; Webinar is set for … Housekeeping Slide. 3. GoToWebinar Housekeeping: Fielding Questions • Please continue to submit your text questions and comments using the Questions panel For more information, please.