One of the first things people do when they purchase goods or services online asks other people about it or look at reviews, so positive and honest reviews are critical.”, As Liz Hughes of Blue Bamboo says, “You can’t beat the power of word of mouth. If you don’t have current online reviews, you run the risk of that referral going somewhere else due to the lack of credibility. Of course, the number one thing is to be a good business. It’s resulted in vastly improved Search Advertising results and Revenue increases month over month. More importantly, they have an easy way to leave positive reviews connected with you, to help your reputation. Other channels named by more than one marketer included local meet-ups (8%), outbound emails and calls (6%), social (4%), and word of mouth (4%). The use of local keywords will differentiate your site from the sites of competitors who are in other locations. Many times when people will do a query online to search for a product or service online local businesses will appear on the first page. “Offer them a coupon, early bird special or some kind of inducement that is of interest to your market. You can use online channels like your website, mobile applications, social media, local search and emails to attract local customers which makes it more power for influencing your customers. It shows what type of media you are using to communicate with your audience like website, mobile applications, social media, local search, emails, etc. Once I started to focus locally, I began to see my search rankings and visibility in the area increase massively. Local marketing is a great way to gain customers in the surrounding area who may see your business as a better option. If cellphones are in people’s pockets and hands, imagine how often they would be able to check out your business. Of course, for customers to share your business with their peers, you must make sure they’re satisfied! Local marketing is mostly used by small businesses like stores, restaurants and outlets, but franchise businesses also use local marketing to promote themselves around their specific location. The most mentioned successful technique by far was encouraging positive reviews from customers. If you are in a small town or area that does not already have the service your company provides, then you need to network with other local businesses. Here are a few online media channels normally used to target local audiences. Keywords and phrases need to be included on every page of your website. Media: This determines “how” you will deliver your message. It is imperative to keep up with your blog every single day in some way, shape or form.”, Optimizing for local SEO is key – and reviews and listings play a large role in how businesses are ranked. 4% of marketers named multiple channels, in combinations that included the survey’s top responses of SEO, content, and paid (their responses are included in the above statistics). It also lets customers easily call you, message you, access your website and open directions when they search for your website. Even though Yelp has a history of being problematic with their reviews, it can be great for brick and mortar stores. In our first long-form question, we asked our marketers to share the mistakes they made and regrets they had when starting to market their business locally, to help newbies avoid these pitfalls. This also meant I got to work locally more often and meet people face to face more often, where before I was losing sales because I wasn’t able to have a personal meeting with out of town prospects.”, And many national keywords are too competitive for new local businesses to rank for initially, which some businesses find out the hard way. This will increase your site's ranking when potential customers perform local searches. Continues Arnof-Fenn, “Activities like speaking at events, writing articles, building your following on social media all contribute to increasing your awareness with potential customers and building your credibility with a larger community. If you have the correct approach and do it right, it will always give you the highest return of your marketing investment. Rachael Jessney of Atelier Studios regrets “not asking all of our customers for a review.” She continues, “Reviews on your Google My Business page are so powerful for improving local visibility.”, Likewise, Ben Lund from DIY Digital Strategy names “waiting in asking for reviews from happy customers” as one of his biggest initial mistakes. The problem is, this content doesn’t do anything to drive new prospective customers to their website (and usually doesn’t do anything to convert them once they’re there either). I also focused too much on myself and my business rather than helping my potential customers in any way that I could. In both cases, creating local landing pages and city pages is an effective way to start ranking in the organic results for the high-value local search terms. In Offline Marketing, “Local Marketing can generally refer to any marketing techniques a localized business, in any industry, uses to market itself to the area it operates in.” Source. Besides the traditional type, digital forms of word of mouth that work really well include Google My Business reviews and website / social media testimonials.”, Christina Brodzky of MediaSesh shares, “I have found it important to focus on review management and encourage customers to leave a review for my business (and my clients’ business) on sites such as Google My Business, Yelp and Facebook. Similarly, become part of the local business community the old fashioned way with in-person networking. But in our training we will show you how to get that almost free. Create local citations to send positive signals as to your authority and location. “We are posting on Facebook regularly, to stay top of mind in our local community,” says Sinatra. Having your local customers in a contact list is one of the greatest thing you will ever do on behalf of the ongoing success of your business. In the early days, we failed to see the power of SMS marketing,” says Cooper. It is amazing the fact that you can target your audience directly by positioning your local business in front of them with the use of Search engines. Target your audience carefully. Local marketing leverages this, giving you tools, tactics and strategies to make it easier to convert that local traffic into sales, either online or in person.. Laura Lake is a former writer for The Balance Small Business. Pitching bloggers on HARO and guest blogging on high-quality sites has helped to increase my site’s traffic steadily over the past year. Create a Google My Business profile, update it regularly with photos, and take advantage of the Google Reviews feature. “I’m not talking about social media influencer marketing, though—I’m talking about real people I know who work day-in and day-out with my target audience. First, establish your brand and have continuity across all platforms (Google, Yelp, Social Media, etc. Another 6% named a mix of methods (when they specified these methods, their answers were included above). The majority said they’d prefer SMS over email. “We include links to our review sites on all receipts and emails, and we train our sales and customer service reps to ask for reviews in every interaction,” shares Sluder. And content marketing is about more than creating your own blog at the outset. Measurement: This is essential for evaluating your marketing efforts and measuring your results. We’re getting over 13,000 photo views a month, and our area only has around 30,000 people.”, Continues Sinatra, “Google Ads are very effective. Chances are, you’re doing some form of local marketing already, perhaps without even realizing it.