Although rural areas have a lot of potentials to come up as the new industrial hub, there are so many challenges that come with it as well. Which is the rural marketing index from the indices which are outlined below A from PHARMACY 201 at Padmashree Dr.Vithalrao Vikhe Patil Foundation’s College of Pharmacy As a part of development program economic development is concern, government is making continuous efforts towards rural development. Rural marketing involves a bunch of processes that includes developing, pricing, promoting, distributing rural specific product and service which satisfies the consumer demand and also achieves organizational objectives as expected from the target market. In rural marketing, a greater time lag is involved between the introduction of a product and its economic size sale, because the rural buyer’s adoption process is more time consuming. Rural marketing involves the process of developing, promoting, distributing rural area specific products and service exchange between rural and urban market which satisfies customer demand and also achieves organizational goals. The rural market cannot be tapped successfully with an urban marketing mindset & would definitely require its thorough understanding. During the second attempt, they considered 26 factors for constructing the rural marketing index, in this attempt they considered 383 districts. Winning the rural market is very important in widening the loyal customer base, leads, sales, and profits. But with proper rural marketing strategy, some of these problems can be dealt. In other words, the approach toward rural markets needs to be distinct from the one adopted for the urban markets. Rural consumers are also influenced by the western lifestyle they watch on television. Rural marketing is considered as a process to develop, price, promote, and distribute products or services in rural areas for dual purpose, i.e., to satisfy the needs and desires of rural customers and to achieve organizational goals. In late 2007, Hero Honda started putting emphasis on the rural markets. Rural Marketing is a process of encouraging people to live in rural areas and convert their purchasing power into an effective demand for goods and services. The case discusses the rural marketing initiatives of Hero Honda Motors Limited (Hero Honda), a leading two wheeler company in India now known as Hero Motor Corp. Nowadays, educated youth of rural area can also influence decision-making of the rural consumers. Rural marketer helps to provide all kind of facilities to the rural areas and with the aim to improve their standard of living and achieving the company’s objective. Rural Marketing Wrap Up!