The trade-off, of course, is its lower level of on-road comfort. Dry weight: 127kg Suspension: Fully adjustable USD forks, 270mm travel, fully adjustable Monocross rear shock, 270mm travel The KLX may have been a bit less than the WR – 88mpg was the best. Brakes are powerful enough, despite being more off-road orientated, and the long travel suspension offers a great level of support and control, without any huge dive onto the brakes in road conditions. As teens and 20-somethings we thought nothing of loading up our dirt bikes, gas cans, firewood, chili, beer, chips and more beer in the ol’ pickup truck and heading out to ride in the desert and OHV parks, sometimes for days. This high spec system is part of the reason the WR250R commands a $8,299 RRP + ORC price, which is a significant step up on what you’ll find on many 250cc LAMS machines, and is no doubt what makes this bike stand out to such an extent, both on and off the road, alongside that powerplant. Fuel Log• Still have back pain from the stock saddle months later• Super build quality explains the price over a CRF-L… almost• Huge 350-w alternator output for the size and age of this bike• Fuel pump worries in hot conditions (played up but never went)• Clearly suited to predominantly off-highway travels. I was very careful to ride the bike on the temp gauge mounted off an exhaust header – generally cruising at 100-110°C. The capacity is as the name suggests 250cc, with a bore x stroke of 77 x 53.6mm. The Hyperpro suspension also went a long way towards smoothing out the ride.And one good thing about small capacity singles is there is no vibration to speak of. 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With the big load, it was the brakes which limited speeds. Rear brake is strong enough for the bike. The odometer was 11% over, but reading were corrected for mpg calcs. That all combines into a package which weighs in at a light 134kg wet with the smaller stock tank (7.6L) and helps make this particular model a more hard-nosed dual-sport/adventure option for those after a super capable off-roader. Clutch: Multi-plate wet clutch, Chassis: Semi double cradle – aluminium main frame, steel engine cradle, steel sub-frame, Rake: 26°, Trail: 111mm Full review of the Kriegas here.The Giant Loop Fandango Pro tankbag is reviewed here. By then the preload was surprisingly maxed out. Novice rider tackles Ride ADV Womens-only ride, Throwback Thursday: All Original Restoration – Ducati 900 SS. Wash the bike, drain its carburetor if it has one (and the bike will sit for a while until the next ride), get cleaned up and collapse on the couch. Yamaha have always been good at building genuinely versatile road trail bikes and the WR250R has kept that tradition going for a while now. A bright front headlight is joined by LED rear light, with compact bodywork and a simple digital multi-function display. Add to that loading up all of your riding gear, water, food, sunblock and first aid kit and you’re good to go…after about an hour’s worth of effort. In some situations (uphill; headwind wind) I’m not sure it would have made much difference, anyway. The WR250R is the last in a series of 250s I’ve been trying over the years in the search for a light, economical, do-it-all travel bike. It’s all coming back to me…. Seat height is still quite tall at 36.6 inches, but that’s an inch lower than the F’s, and the R still soaks up the bumps with 10.6 inches of fully adjustable suspension travel at each end. Full details here. Having spent a weekend on the WR250R pushing my own limits, I couldn’t have asked for a better motorcycle, and where I was originally looking at the price a bit warily, I’m now totally on board with how good the value of this little machine is. Fuel economyAs expected, the WR was very economical for a relatively high-powered engine. Sound fun? It really is, particularly if the type of off-road riding you do and your skill level really warrant a non-street-legal dirt bike. With that in mind, you will need to adjust the brake and shift position if you’re using a set of full on off-road boots. The WR250R has a lightweight aluminium semi double-cradle frame. Project 2019 Yamaha WR250R Tenere joins the stable until the end of the year. The WR250R’s liquid-cooled single is based on the F’s 250cc race-ready enduro motor and shares the same bore and stroke, but among other changes has lower compression and mellower cam profiles for more street tractability. One point to also mention is that the non-standard fairing offers a large amount of wind protection, where the standard bike has significantly less. I have to say I was disappointed by the performance, most probably because I could not bear to rev it hard. PerformanceThe WR was supposedly a good 20% more powerful than my KLX or CRF;  it’s lighter too, until I loaded it up with equipment, gear and myself. I could have improved things by fitting my small Spitfire screen (left) from previous bikes, but figured it’s only Morocco, not the full run across Spain. Cold; no such issues and at any times there was never any fuel starvation or hesitancy even when hot, just too much whirring at times.When I  got back I fitted the few aftermarket pump before selling the bike.Other than that – no issues with the WR which is why we love Yamahas for overlanding. was too much weight for the WR on the road, so it does not make it the do-it-aller I hoped it might be. Brakes are single rotors front and rear with a 250mm front with dual-piston caliper, and 230mm rear with single-piston caliper.