YAMAHA does not assume, or authorize any person to create or assume for YAMAHA, any obligation or liability in connection with the MOTORCYCLE or any part thereof distributed by YAMAHA. 2020 Yamaha WR250R Yamaha Yamaha has three dual sport bikes in its model lineup, the most capable of which is the WR250R. The Yamaha WR250R has seen few changes over the course of its existence, and the same rings true for the new decade. Yamaha has three dual sport bikes in its model lineup, the most capable of which is the WR250R. Reviewing motorcycle products for over 20 years. Off-Road Apparel. Your email address will not be published. WR250R. MOTORCYCLES which have modified in any way from the standard specifications as shown in the Owner's Manual, including any MOTORCYCLE whose odometer has been altered; normal wear and tear, corrosion and routine maintenance, such as the recommended service inspections; MOTORCYCLES from which the MANUFACTURER's identification numbers have been removed or whose identification numbers have been altered or mutilated; wear and tear and/or maintenance parts such as drive chains, clutch plates and facings, oils and lubricants, spark plugs, batteries, generator brushes, sealed beams and light bulbs, tires, filters, brake pads, drive belts and fuses; inconvenience, loss of time, loss of income or loss of use of the MOTORCYCLE or any consequential damage of any kind; damages from theft, fire, vandalism, explosion, water or acts of God; storage costs, or transportation and shipping costs related to the performance of this warranty; damage due to "flat towing" (see your DEALER for explanation). This engine out performs its 250cc displacement and offers best in class performance. Now there have been rumours for a couple of years that the WR250R was going to be cancelled and it’s finally happened. Lightweight titanium intake valves & load-reduced oval valve springs. The WR250R, compared to other bikes that are road legal is actually pretty light weight. It also provides a great canvas for a project bike, as Cycle World’s Editor-In-Chief Mark Hoyer proved with his WR250R adventure bike. Then again, isn't it always? Change of Address or Other Owner Information If you should move after you have purchased your MOTORCYCLE, please contact the DEALER who will forward the required information to YAMAHA. 71. Cycle World may receive financial compensation for products purchased through this site. Sign up here to receive our newsletters. MPG Estimated** Search Dealer Inventory Have a Dealer Contact Me. wBW provides subjective opinions and information on hard-to-find and unique motorcycling products. Finance an eligible new Yamaha motorcycle or scooter with Yamaha Financial Services and you may be eligible for promotional rates. Ensure that the MOTORCYCLE is properly operated, maintained and stored as specified in the Owner's Manual. OFFER CAN BE COMBINED WITH YAMAHA’S LOYALTY AND BUNDLING PROGRAMS FOR EXTRA DISCOUNTS. The term 'CUSTOMER' shall refer to the owner or lessee of record of the MOTORCYCLE registered with YAMAHA and to any subsequent owner, and the term 'DELIVERY' shall refer to the date of delivery of the MOTORCYCLE from the DEALER to the CUSTOMER. An electronic starter removes the need to kickstart the bike, as well as having a wide-ratio six-speed gearbox. Examples of abuse and neglect include, but are not limited to: racing, competition, MOTORCYCLE models designated WR or YZ, with the exception of WR25R, WR25X, YZ65 and YZ85 models, modification of original parts or abnormal strain; use of lubricants, oils, fuel, fuel additives and mixtures other than those recommended in the Owner's Manual, improperly installed accessories or use of parts or accessories that are not equivalent in design and quality to genuine Yamaha parts; damage as a result of accidents, collisions, contact with foreign materials, impact, submersion or use of the MOTORCYCLE after discovery of a defect; appearance-related damages of body parts. Don't let 250 cubic centimetres fool you, this machine performs well above its displacement. Lightweight and slender, the WR250R streaks effortlessly through slow traffic and makes commuting fun. Authorize the DEALER to tear down the MOTORCYCLE for diagnostic evaluation should it be required. 250cc liquid-cooled DOHC 4-stroke; 4 valves, Inverted fork, fully adjustable; 10.6-in travel, Single shock, fully adjustable; 10.6-in travel. Give notice to a DEALER of any and all apparent defects immediately upon discovery, and make the entire MOTORCYCLE available at that time for inspection and repair at the DEALER'S place of business. travel. This transfer MUST be done by contacting the DEALER who will forward the following information to YAMAHA: Section C - Obtaining Repairs Under WarrantyTo obtain repairs under warranty, the CUSTOMER must: Section E - Emissions Control System Warranty(For applicable models only)YAMAHA warrants to the CUSTOMER of a MOTORCYCLE covered by this warranty with a displacement of 50cc or greater, that the MOTORCYCLE is designed, built and equipped so as to conform at the time of DELIVERY with all federal emissions standards applicable at the time of manufacture and that it is free from defects in materials and workmanship which would cause it not to meet these standards within the periods listed immediately below. All text, photographs and content on webBikeWorld.com are Copyright © since 2000. Potent, liquid-cooled, 250cc, DOHC, 4-valve power plant with super light titanium intake valves & electronic fuel injection. A Bonnier Corporation Company. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Using a 250cc, 4 stroke single-cylinder engine, the power may seem low at 30 crank HP and 17.5 lbs-ft of crank torque, but you also need to take into account that the full wet weight of the motorcycle is only 290 lbs.