Operating System: Windows 7, 8, or 10. Windows re-installs the driver at the next system reboot. To check if the correct audio input device has been selected, follow our simple guide below. Uninstall and reinstall your audio driver. Whether you have no sound, the USB ports are not working, or your output device isn’t showing up, following this guide will get you back in business. Windows do this to most newly added devices so make sure you change that. There could be many reasons why you have no sound. Not able to receive emails from Zoom; My Video/Camera Isn't Working; Using the Zoom Client and Zoom Rooms with macOS; My Audio is Not Working on iOS or Android; Video Not Working on Lenovo Devices; Sending a problem report; Troubleshooting Log for PC; Troubleshooting Log For Mac; Troubleshooting log for Outlook Plugin on Windows Use Chromium Edge to connect to a meeting in Zoom in Windows 10 S. One way to participate in a Zoom meeting in Windows 10 S mode is via the web version. When I do that, the entire Zoom will freeze. If the above solution does not work for you, then chances are that the proper input device has not been selected on your system. Windows audio device connectivity How to fix Zoom audio on iOS or Android. Audio enhancements are disabled – In some scenarios, audio enhancements need to be enabled for your speakers to work. This could especially be the case if you are using an external microphone on your PC or Mac. Fix Zoom Computer Audio. Check out our other video about fixing audio for more solutions to try. S Mode is not supported. Windows. However, every 15 minutes or so, I get an alert that my speaker is not working. In this article, we’ll show you how to resolve audio interface issues on your Windows PC. Mac users can read more in our Resolving Audio Interface Issues on Mac. At that point I need to turn off my headphones and turn them back on. Here are some more solutions to try in order to help solve your audio problems. That said, you can activate the Bluetooth support service in Windows 10 by following the instructions below: On your keyboard, press Windows Key+R. Make sure that your speaker is turned on. If your Zoom audio is not working, follow the instructions below to troubleshoot your speaker. The default format is set too low – If the sample rate of the speakers is set too low, it might not work at all or it may produce low-quality audio. This depends on the drivers you use. There are two main audio issues that you may have to troubleshoot: Speaker issues; Microphone issues Troubleshoot Zoom speaker issues. If you notice your Bluetooth speaker pairing, but no sound, it is possible that the necessary service is disabled. Consequently, your Bluetooth speakers will not function properly. For this, you need to have the latest version of Microsoft Edge installed. Find your sound card in the Device Manager again, then right-click it and select Uninstall. If updating your Windows 10 audio driver doesn't work, try uninstalling and reinstalling it. Note: Devices running Windows 10 must run Windows 10 Home, Pro, or Enterprise. Follow the steps below to join the Zoom meeting with Edge: Still have no audio on your Lenovo PC?