Propanone is a colorless solvent and is the active ingredient in most nail polish removers. This is hands down the best nail polish remover ever, and worth every penny. Sharon is a berry purple creme. We earn commission on sales tracked from our links and codes. contact us directly. Unlike many other nail polish removers that contain toxic ingredients, this nail polish remover is safe which is a testimony to Zoya’s commitment toward the health and wellbeing of users. Normal-to-Dry skin. I have to share with you, I just ordered the same promo you did (and several polishes as well! I don’t do regular manicures, but I do DO regular swatching, so I imagine it would even out to regular use, lol. I cannot do without it, particularly when I do swatches! It increases the water content in the nail ultimately resulting in stronger nails. Christine Mielke is the editor-in-chief and has been reviewing products for over 14 years. Scaly, dried out skin, tortured cuticles, and the harsh scent of chemicals. Thanks Christine, for an informative review combined with a good laugh. So, so wrong. Zoya Remove+ is available in several sizes, depending on your polish removing needs. It dries down with a slightly squishy look. You know that harsh scent just means bad news, LOL! They were definitely prepped for polish after that. Look to see if any shades between two palettes are known dupes. Thank you for understanding! In our review experience, it is very scarce to review a product without a weakness no matter how little. She has a light plus skintone with subtle, warmer yellow undertones (view her foundation matches here). Acetone is one of the natural byproducts of metabolism in the human body. =]. annnyhow, 25 bucks is a steep price to pay for nail polish remover but you do have really nice fingernails and you do 324242 swatches to something must be working right. bottle. You must have heard or read a number of people talk about it and you are wondering what it is all about; it is affirmatively one of the very best nail polish removers available in the nail and beauty industry. How cruel and cold and unloving! Why did I try to fix something that wasn’t broken just to save a couple of bucks? I wish I could find the ingredient list for this so I could see if it had acetone in it. Your nails will be ready for a base coat and you are guaranteed extended polish wear. you have convinced me to try it. It leaves the nail plate stronger – well moisturized, nourished, and fortified. Hey….nice post. YAYYYY! Looking for the perfect color? Click here to buy Zoya Nail Polish Remover Via Amazon. Details anyone? Affirmatively, yes. Zoya is one of the top brands of Art of Beauty which was founded over three decades ago by Zoya and Michael Reyzis. However, a lot of nail polish removers have toxic components that are not safe for the health of customers. Now, you are ready for the application of new polish. Zoya nail polish remover is very easy to use – as stated by the manufacturer and confirmed myriads of users including ourselves. The use of nail polish must be handled carefully to ensure no damage is done to the nail. Zoya Nail Polish and nail care and nail polish removers are free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP and camphor. I bought online, and it really wasn’t so bad. $25 gets you 32 oz. It is effective; remove all traces of polishes, It works fast; breaks nail polish down in a few seconds, It is easy to use; does not make any mess, It is safe: does not contain toxic components. Page top. Zoya Luscious Collection Swatches & Review Press Sample. Not to mention that it stinks to high heaven and leaves a trail of wreckage on my cuticles. Delivery will be made within a few days of the order. though (I believe it’s $9.99 for 8 oz.) I really like this stuff, too. It took me a year or so to get through an 8 oz. If my Sally Hansen ever gives me problems, I might consider switching over. Thanks! When it is time to remove nail polish from your nails, it must be handled carefully; not harshly. You will not be disappointed! Loved the letter Christine. We don't want to set We earn commission on sales tracked from our links and codes. Super fast shipping, too . Not sure why it didn’t go through on your phone! All inquiries or complaints will receive a response in less than 24 hours. Glycerine also heals several skin problems including scarring, calluses, bedsores, rashes, etc. will typically be removed after errors are fixed (unless a response is needed). Zoya nail polish remover is a very gentle yet effective nail polish remover. Love them girls! Search input text. Best damn polish remover on the planet. Can Toenail Fungus Spread Internally Or Contagious? Some of the key factors that make it perfect for use in nail polish removers are its ease in mixing with water as well as its ability to evaporate quickly. Oh, yeah, a bottle will last you quite awhile! I’m sure it’s a case of “you don’t know what you’re missing” but I’m okay with that for now , I think if you’re “normal” and aren’t removing polish 10-15 times in a single day, it’s not as noticeable. I need this in my life. Nails are key parts of the total body architecture. Press a cotton ball soaked with Zoya nail polish remover firmly to your nails for about 10 seconds, then wipe the polish off the nail plate until it is completely clean. The Dupe List is here to help. I felt bad for how I treated Remove+! Discussion and debate are highly encouraged but we expect community members to Are you new to the world of foundation or have you never felt like you've found an ideal shade match? Comments that do not adhere to our I can tell you’re productive today. D&C Violet #2: this is included in Zoya nail polish remover to ensure effective and clean remover of nail polish. Thank you for your support! Recommendation:  In a convenient flip-top bottle that pumps out just enough remover, Zoya’s Remove+ does an excellent job at not only removing your polish but keeping your nails, cuticles, and fingertips soft, conditioned, and prepped for the next manicure/pedicure. Zoya, under the umbrella of Art of Beauty, provides top-notch customer service. And guuuurl, does it strip those nails CLEAN! ZOYA Remove + Nail Polish Remover: rated 5 out of 5 on MakeupAlley. All the ingredients used in the manufacture of this nail polish remover are totally natural, making them safe for usage. We took out more than enough time to review this product; we did not base it on just what the manufacturer said neither just on our testimonies, we checked tons and tons of what other customers say about Zoya nail polish remover. I got a free mini bottle with a Zoya order, and now I know I will re-buy when that’s empty (though for normal, non-swatching usage, the mini bottle actually lasts a pretty long time). I am so happy to hear that it is working! Thank you for your support! We will recommend the use of this nail product to any client looking for safe and effective ways of removing nail polish from their nails. I also love the bottle in comes in cuz you just have to pump it out, no spills! ColourPop Fade into Hue Eyeshadow Look #1, ColourPop Fade Into Hue Collection Swatches, Tower 28 ShineOn Jelly Lip Gloss Swatches (x9), Lethal Cosmetics Magnetic Face Powders - Blush Swatches (x10), Curate a Makeup Collection You Love with More Mindfulness (2020 Guide), How-to Buy Less Makeup: Guide to Makeup No-Buys & Low-Buys (2020), How Beauty Brands are Committing to Change + Next Steps. The consistent thing is that this product is better than what you have probably heard or read. I went through the entire regimen yesterday starting with this remover/cleaner. Readers often ask me what are my absolute, all-time favorites, and now you can find my current and long-time favorites all in one place! Recommendation :  In a convenient flip-top bottle that pumps out just enough remover, Zoya’s Remove+ does an excellent job at not only removing your polish but keeping your nails, cuticles, and fingertips soft, conditioned, and prepped for the next manicure/pedicure. Zoya nail polish remover can be easily purchased on the official website as well as on marketplaces such as Amazon and Walmart. Lol cute little love letter. a review will be posted as we can't commit to or guarantee product reviews. Comments alerting us to typos or small errors in the post are appreciated (!) Support Temptalia by shopping the retailers below! September 30, 2012 I purchased Zoya Nail Polish in RUE for the first time after I saw on a co-worker and fell in love with the color. 30% off full-priced items + choose one of five GWPs on $60+ orders w/code, behind and appreciate your patience! I love!