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The Lucha - Trainer features dual KVT ball-bearing pivots for extra-easy operation. The KVT ball bearings make it a smooth flipper; and at first, I was skeptical about Kershaw's claim of eliminating handle play entirely, but after flipping this knife for a while now, I can vouch for them and say that surprisingly, is absolutely no handle play whatsoever. If you just want a bali and will be learning a few opening and closing moves i think the lucha is fine. Nothing bad to say about the Lucha Materials, finishing, tolerance are really good, but definitely not for everyone nor everyday. (verified owner) May 30, 2020. Kershaw's first foray into the butterfly market, the Lucha is a high-quality butterfly knife that's made in the USA. Kershaw is known for its fast and smooth operating folders, but for the first time ever, they have taken all they know about knives and applied that knowledge to a balisong. TECHNISCHE EIGENSCHAFTEN Marke: Kershaw . And like most of my knives, I got the scar to prove it! (verified owner) February 17, 2021. When the knife is latched open or closed you can flick the handles with a finger nail and They ring like a tuning fork because they are under tension.Unlike my Benchmade 42, there is very little click and clack Or play in this knife, and yet, it is so very smooth! very heavy compared to my Benchmade 51 and BRS Alpha Beast. I highly recommend this one, especially compared to some of the other blades in a similar price range. Flytanium has smoothed out the sharp edges and dialed in the milling for better fitment. All around good knife and very pretty highly recommend. I had some knives in the past and the blade was Stainless steel along with the handles. Stonewash finished 14C28N stainless steel clip point blade. Flytanium is not responsible for lost or damaged pieces. Ive cut myself a couple times practicing but so worth it. *Please Note: Kershaw's Warranty does not cover disassembly of any knife by any person other than Kershaws Warranty department. Some may contain trademarks or other terms that we do not have the right to use. Really the only con is how big it is. Stainless steel washers are included to set into the aluminum so your bearings are riding against steel for that smooth action. Very happy with this purchase. Great deals on fixed blade knives, pocket knives, survival gear, knife sharpeners, and more. 10am-7pm Tuesday - Friday Its better the dropping $300+ on a Bali of nearly the same quality. Now I need a third balisong. Click Buy it now or Add to cart and proceed to checkout. (verified owner) June 4, 2020, Lucas Some people complain about the weight but it gives a different experience from the lighter knives. Subscribe to our email list to stay up to date on new product releases. My only issue is that it is a bit heavy, but otherwise fantastic. This knife is really really good.Great price, it feels amazing, and it looks beautiful. (verified owner) September 21, 2021, Best price for this knife on the web. Out of the box I flipped around with it very often for about two weeks before the tang pins started coming loose and the play on the handles became noticeable. Love you guys, are great. Great knife for the price. This is a gorgeous knife with a 3.88-inch S90V steel blade and integral titanium handle. For instance, the blade tapers so that the top has more weight to pendulum around smoothly. You will need a T6 and T8 torx bit to remove the screws and pivots. I ordered a screwdriver to take off the latch. I bought these to replace the stock handles on my Lucha and they completely changed the way the knife handles. There is very little play, tolerances are great. Some may think it's a little heavy, but I like the added weight because it helps carry it over my hand when doing rolls and spins. Not a great starter bali because it might give people the wrong idea. The movement is smooth. Next level performance comes from Kershaw's meticulous design. The plain grind on the blade is consistent. Kershaw Lucha is exceptionally well-made and has virtually zero flaws. Really excited to see Kershaw get into the Biz and hope to see more from them. Quality was great, the pricing was unbeatable. Blue anodized titanium handles with carbon fiber scales. Mine came SHARP! Stonewashed Sandvik 14C28N with a clip point blade. The Kershaw Lucha is very sharp and a fairly heavy balisong. Definitely worth the money in my opinion as a new collector of ballisongs. Overall, impressive entry into the market for Kershaw, and a knife whose price point you'd never guess from the quality. , Benjamin Absolutely excellent. Kershaw Lucha Aluminum Handles (1 - 8 of 8 results) Price ($) Shipping All Sellers Green Screw Set For Kershaw 1776 Link Aluminum Handle Pocket Clip & Pivot - 6pcs screw4you (2,369) $11.99 FREE shipping More like this Black Titanium Pocket Clip Made For Kershaw Link 1776GRYBW Aluminum Handle Knife Customize Your Own 2 Letters Initials (or numbers) It beats pretty much any knife in its price range and even easily competes with balisongs in the $300 range. (verified owner) June 23, 2020, Bailey Velandry With the Flytanium scales. this knife is an absolute dream. *Installation of the scales requires some basic tools and knowledge. Austin If you dont mind deep bruising and bone spurs. Of all my balisongs I play around with, the Kershaw is the only one that gets me no matter how briefly I make blade contact. It beats up on your hands when flipping. It flips fine enough for me. I own four of these. Chicago knife works Had a significantly better price on the Kershaw Lucha than anybody else out there. A confirmation will be sent to your email shortly. Very sharp blade. Well built and durable for what I need it to do. Michael Kershaw have done an amazing job balancing the blade and handle weight, and rounding the handle edges with a lovely chamfered feel. I guess I am trying to justify the price of these? Engineered to be a perfect fit, these handles will turn your Lucha into the knife you always wanted it to be. Thank you for the great service, fast shipping and the terrific knife. Basic creative freedom includes at least 3 mods, excluding the more Maybe it looks like fancy marble, maybe it looks like ice cream, either way its awesome and needs to be on your titanium! It flips good, is sturdy, and for the price it is very hard to beat. Here goes. (verified owner) September 4, 2020, Erwin Gomez Then the Kershaw Lucha is for you. Including the trainer. The steel is so nice it actually reverberates / resonates when you pick it up or set it down. I just got the email to write a review Oct 2, but is says to submit review in sept. Maybe I'll get lucky on winning the Benchmade freek anyways. Zero handle play, very smooth action, and for me the latch doesn't get in the way. makes for a great edc which is why I got it. Bead blast finish stainless handle. I cannot recommend it enough. Quantity Customize your knife! The stonewash looks really slick in combination with the stainless steel handles. These handles feature a light stonewash finish. The first thing I would suggest if you end up loving it is to buy flytanium handles to take it to the next level. The seller might still be able to personalize your item. The tang hole can be modified with ease to work with larger pinstock, or with a threaded fastener. Next-level performance comes from Kershaw's meticulous design. $123.25, $145.00 The trainer version was designed to perform as closely to the original Lucha as possible. New and experienced flippers love the original Kershaw Lucha. First thing I noticed when I opened it was that it was heavy and had a very bad latch at least weight wise (remove it right away). (verified owner) February 8, 2022. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Copyright 2023 Chicago Knife Works. carry the length for pretty quick flipping if thats your thing. Do these mods. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The weight of the handles and blade combined with the swiftness of the ball bearings complement each other perfectly! Not so with a butterfly knife. Kershaw does it right! Carbon Fiber Specs Blade Length: 4.6 inches Blade Material: CPM 20CV Blade Finish/Coating: Working Finish Blade Thickness: .155 inches Closed length: 5.8 inches My final verdict is the Kershaw Lucha is a step in the right direction for both Kershaw and the balisong market and brings excitement for what's to come. Next-level performance comes from Kershaw's meticulous design. Found something you love but want to make it even more uniquely you? Also the latch is a little annoying, so I would take that off. Its light, the flipping ergonomics, are insane and the blade came razor sharp. A rough-surfaced rubber insert that provides additional friction for a non-slip grip. When the latch is off it is near perfect. WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - Copper makes an interesting knife handle material due to the changing patina. IT IS AN AMAZING PRECISE QUALITY VERSION OF A KNIFE. For relatively the same price as the Bearsong VIII the Lucha is hands down the winner and it's not even close. Premium cage bearings made in the US from phosphor bronze and ceramic bearings. Original Price $145.00 Again, I'm not sure what is supposed to make a good butterfly knife, but this one is so much fun. HOWEVER.. It runs on bearings so it can be tuned quite easily and has a really satisfying noise when flipping. Kershaw 5150 Lucha Butterfly Knife - Sandvik 14C28N Blade - Stainless Steel Handle If you're an avid flipper, or just getting started, we think the new Kershaw Lucha is for you. Next-level performance comes from Kershaw's meticulous design. I might pick up another one just for the hell of it. I found an after market one made specifically for the Lucha and added it on. This Bali is the one for you. Turning off the personalized advertising setting wont stop you from seeing Etsy ads or impact Etsy's own personalization technologies, but it may make the ads you see less relevant or more repetitive. The Lucha is taking the knife community by a storm! Great! In Stock. Shipping policies vary, but many of our sellers offer free shipping when you purchase from them. Really love this knife, looks and feels amazing, its different than what Im used to but its really a good different. This light, fast butterfly knife will jump, fly, and spin in your hands. Anonymous Description. I recommend it if you're looking to start flipping because you'll be purchasing a high-quality flippers knife for a reasonable price. Designer Kershaw Originals Blade Style Drop Point Blade Edge Plain Opening Action Manual dual KVT ball bearings Lock Type Latch Pocketclip None Handle Color Silver Hardware Black-oxide steel pivots, black anodized aluminum tube spacer, black-oxide steel screws Made in USA Yes Country of Origin USA: Design, Prototype, Quality Control, Manufacture Thanks for joining us! An exclusive texture and pattern used on the handles of certain Kershaw knives. It's sleek and simple, but cool and playful. I got this knife a few days ago and absolutely love it. The Lucha's handle is a sandwich design that includes four handle pieces bolted together to allow for a maximization of tension and keeping things tight. Cut myself 3 or 4 times. Bearing pivots and a chunky feel make this knife feel like a more expensive model. Overall, great starting balisong! Flytanium Kershaw Cryo handle scales are designed to use hardware from the stock knife and come in copper, brass, titanium, and basket-weave carbon fiber construction. Next-level USA materials include a 14C28N stainless steel blade and an all-steel handle. Etsy is powered by 100% renewable electricity. Love the danger. This model features a latchless design. Crocodile Dundee would be happy with it though but not an EDC to draw at a restaurant even if the thin line makes it wearable in the pocket! Awesome balli. Smooth, razor sharp and well put together right out of the box. They add a premium touch to the already excellent balisong. Love how sturdy this bali feels. Gary *Giveaway Alert! Love how solid it feels! I also like the weight. TL;DR - The price/quality ratio is as great as everyone says. My only gripe is that the handles seem slightly bent, and it seems to be an issue that many people are having. Add some personality to yours with our Flytanium Titanium Lucha handles. Great deals on fixed blade knives, pocket knives, survival gear, knife sharpeners, and more. For the price, it punches above its paygrade in fit and finish. This Lucha's spear point blade uses premium CPM 20CV. But after playing with the Lucha, it's lighter and quieter. We also created 2.6 million jobs in the U.S.enough to employ the entire city of Houston, TX! Sellers looking to grow their business and reach more interested buyers can use Etsys advertising platform to promote their items. Flytanium Kershaw Skyline Scales Series: The series features handle scales compatible with Kershaw Skyline knives. It feels good in my hand, nice and light. (verified owner) August 31, 2021, Nick 97062, This one makes its mark with a pure . this as an edc.its a very strong knife. First off let me say the latch is hot trash, 30 sec later and now latchless the Lucha is a thing of beauty. Do it and you won't be sorry! Add some personality to yours with our Flytanium Titanium Lucha handles. Kershaw Lucha Balisong Butterfly Knife Stainless Steel Handle Stonewash Blade 5150 Then the Kershaw Lucha was designed with feedback from real flippers. Powered by BigCommerce. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. They aren't held in place with a spring like some other models.. First world problems.. (verified owner) July 1, 2021, Michael Geisick The Kershaw Lucha has proven to be an amazing budget bali, with it gaining the award of the most popular knife model of 2020. This is a very big knife! Now its my favorite knife in my collection. It's shiny and flashy, though. Again, thanks to Blade HQ for shipping it out so quickly. KERSHAW WAS GODLY ON THIS KNIFE. They say they worked with people in the flipping scene to perfect this thing and it SHOWS. Yes! Its much bigger than I expected it to be and its size can be intimidating out of the box but once you get to your knife, youll become the best of friends with time. And I can say, I recommend the Lucha to anyone interested in flipping or just need a fidgetable knife to use at work. Super fun flipper, high quality build, virtually 0 handle play. The stag handles are offset by nickel bolsters and they're mated to a black-finished, Boron-coated, 440 stainless steel blade. (verified owner) January 18, 2022. (verified owner) February 27, 2023. Kershaw took a HUGE step into the world of balisongs when making this knife. It's a great choice for someone dipping their toe into balisongs wanting more than a toy that may end up being disposable. free standard shipping* on orders over $99! AND GOD BLESS KERSHAW! (verified owner) March 29, 2022. Flytanium was created as a resource for you to customize your favorite knife, making it uniquely your own. Unopened. Well done Kershaw on your first balisong. its a cracker. The Kershaw Lucha is a beautiful, good quality, weighty piece of tool. When I first opened it up, the first thing I noticed was the length of blade and how sharp it was. I've had mine for about a year now, and after countless hours of flipping (with a little loctite) it's still going strong! This knife is so razor sharp and the handles are so heavy that it will cut you if you mess up and won't give a single F. I'd bet this knife has drawn more blood than any knife ever made in the past 200 years. Ive been using and flipping this knife for a little more than a week now. That's a testament to their quality right there. This will differ depending on what options are available for the item. Even experienced balisong flippers should have this in their collection because its just that good. At times this obliges us to decline engraving requests that may otherwise seem unobjectionable. Blade is sharp so be careful :) Howard Just threw in full ceramic skiff bearings into my flytanium handles. * Click here to enter to win a Gulf Coast Gun Giftcard for $5,000!!! I'd suggest it if you can't afford more or just want a cool new option for your collection, but it's not dethroning the greats at flipping like the chAB or Kraken. Kershaw Lucha The butterfly knives are one the most fantastic knives one can buy for EDC, meaning [] I haven't had this knife for very long but after some a thorough amount of flipping, dropping, and cutting myself with it I can safely say that this is a great knife. On the bright side because its so sharp not only did I barely feel it both during and the days after but I also didn't have to get stitches because the cut was so clean. Also working on getting into flipping, so it has a multiple purpose benefit. As flashy as they look, they are functional too. Kershaw and Blade HQ teamed up to bring a truly unique version of the knife to the market: Meet the Lucha whiteout! No trainer needed. It is also great for mods if you are into that stuff. Original Price $140.00 Made in USA. The knife looks great, it is a gift for my son he will be thrilled. (verified owner) March 29, 2022. 4.63" (11.76cm) Damascus steel blade. I've had it for 4 months now and absolutely love it. Will stay in the kitchen for now impressive slicer! Welcome to Way Of Knife & EDC Gear House! ***** By using this site, you accept our. Love everything except the bloody fingers. The handles are machined with various cuts to balance the knife, and they also allow you to get a good sure grip on the knife. Do-it-all drop point profile with full-tang construction for strength Since its establishment in 1988, Benchmade has produced high-quality Benchmade Butterfly knife. The ONLY downside i have is that i wish it had a pocket clip. (verified owner) June 2, 2022. (verified owner) March 10, 2022. (verified owner) May 13, 2020. Prices are subject to change without notice. Stainless steel handles with a gentle bead-blasted texture. The butterfly knives are one the most fantastic knives one can buy for EDC, meaning instead of carrying a pocket knife, why not have a Balisong. Handle: 5.8" Blackwash, Stainless Steel Weight: 5.9oz Lock Type: Latch Made in the USA Model: 5150BW New and experienced flippers love the original Kershaw Lucha. FREE STANDARD SHIPPING ON ORDERS OF $100 OR MORE. (verified owner) August 25, 2020, Anthony This model features a latchless design. Thanks. Its sharp, pointy, and flips really well despite the fact that it weighs 6 oz. For the money this knife hits it out of the park, I recently bought a BRS premium alpha beast and to be completely honest the Lucha has better QC. If you are a veteran just looking for a new knife in your collection like me it will be a great piece and with how popular the Lucha is and being made in bulk by a big company we will most likely see many mods in the future for it. Minimal deviations, a sort of plug and play type of ano job. I have no doubt that if Kershaw chooses to go seriously into the balisong arena, they'll be producing some of the best in the business, and the Lucha is an amazing example of what's hopefully yet to come, and I'll be happy to add more Kershaw knives to my collection. Send me exclusive offers, unique gift ideas, and personalized tips for shopping and selling on Etsy. Knife Specs. They have the best price for the Kershaw Lucha and speedy service. Proudly made in the USA. Then I opened and it said Kershaw. I guess if I had to niggle, the latch doesnt come open just by pressing the Michael I did notice after flipping awhile that the handles did have slack! Im tempted to buy a couple to hold on to because this knife will be the next BM-42 one day solely based off its quality. I am very upset because this is almost a perfect product, but I am not happy. D'oh! Otherwise I love it and absolutely recommend the Kershaw Lucha! Also added jimping for improved laddering while flipping. When people say it is sharp out of the box they are not joking. Finally I decided to order and I'm glad I did. Etsys 100% renewable electricity commitment includes the electricity used by the data centers that host, the Sell on Etsy app, and the Etsy app, as well as the electricity that powers Etsys global offices and employees working remotely from home in the US. Have your titanium electro-anodized in any color on the 0-110V spectrum. Brandi To comply with the new e-Privacy directive, we need to ask for your consent to set the cookies. I LOVE IT!!! In 2020 alone, purchases on Etsy generated nearly $4 billion in income for small businesses. Brand new in mint / 10/10 cond. 5/5. Kershaw went all out with this one. Add some personality to yours with our Flytanium Titanium Lucha handles. Coupled together with the affordable price point, this balisong is really hard to beat. Search. Flytanium is not responsible for lost or damaged pieces. Great budget 1st bali for someone looking to get into the hobby/sport. Rounded handle bevels let the Lucha roll smoothly in the hand Dual KVT ball-bearing pivots for ultra-smooth flipping Perfect size, weight, and design for flipping. (verified owner) August 27, 2020, Jason (verified owner) August 19, 2020. (verified owner) February 14, 2023, John L. The negatives, or negative as it were, is apparent: the weight takes getting used to, and the added weight can add fatigue when richoeting the handle off of your hand and knuckles. Kershaw Knives Both new and experienced flippers love the Kershaw Lucha. Everyone is saying the weight and don't know if that is an issue with me? While we accept most engraving requests, we cannot honor all. Exactly what I was looking for at a price lower than Amazon and free shipping. Our office will be closed 1/02/23. The only thing that isn't great about it is the latch. Limited Edition "Shatter" Laser Etch Design, Ergonomic Chamfered Edges for Comfortable Grip, Precision Milled in the USA, Flytanium Design, Flytanium Limited Edition "Shatter" Handles (Red) - Kershaw Lucha Balisong, Flytanium Limited Edition "Shatter" Handles (Blue) - Kershaw Lucha Balisong, Flytanium Limited Edition "Shatter" Handles (Orange) - Kershaw Lucha Balisong, Flytanium Limited Edition "Shatter" Handles (Lime) - Kershaw Lucha Balisong, Flytanium Limited Edition "Shatter" Handles (Black) - Kershaw Lucha Balisong, Flytanium Limited Edition "Kaleidoscope" Ti Handle Kit - Kershaw Lucha, Flytanium Aluminum v1.5 Channel Handle Kit (Silver) - Kershaw Lucha Balisong, Flytanium Aluminum v1.5 Channel Handle Kit (Red) - Lucha Balisong, Flytanium Aluminum v1.5 Channel Handle Kit (Lime) - Kershaw Lucha Balisong, Flytanium Talisong Z Balisong - Blk Alum (4.5" AEB-L SW) FLY-824, Flytanium Limited Edition "Shatter" Handles (Purple) - Kershaw Lucha Balisong, Flytanium Limited Edition "Shatter" Handles (Silver) - Kershaw Lucha Balisong. Silencers; Next level performance comes from Kershaw's meticulous design. Using only the best materials and most advanced machining processes, Flytanium has set out to design and manufacture the absolute best products. But, what else can you expect from Kershaw? The build quality is fantastic, with decent sandvik steel, also there are no imperfections that I can see. Sharp, smooth, solid, no play,.. well done Kershaw. They are the best combination I found after nearly an hour of searching favorite sites for knives on the internet. The Kershaw Lucha Trainer features a 4.6" 14C28N stainless steel training blade with a stonewash finish. My knife was in perfect condition and Im very happy with it. . Alpha Beast 5 products; Demko ad20.5 4 products; Gravity Knives 31 products; Jagdkommando Knife 3 products; Kershaw launch Series 30 products; Paragon Warlock 25 products; Protech . This is a high-quality butterfly knife that's made in the USA. (verified owner) June 7, 2022. I've got quite a varied collection of balisongs to compare this to. This is a high-quality butterfly knife that's made in the USA. The Lucha - Carbon Fiber rises above to become a champion.Made-in-the-USA butterfly knife; blue titanium handle with carbon fiber overlay CPM 20CV steel provides superior blade hardness, corrosion resistance, toughness, wear resistance, top edge retention; "working" finish hides even more hard-use . KVT ball bearing pivots for smooth and fast action. The Kershaw Lucha Folding Bali Song Butterfly Knife is made up of next level USA materials like a 14C28N stainless steel blade and all-steel handle. Consistently earned 5-star reviews, shipped orders on time, and replied quickly to messages, Looks like you already have an account! I managed to draw blood and less than 2 minutes, but thats not too surprising as my enthusiasm far outpaces my ability as a flipper.The blade comes very well sharpened. The Kershaw Lucha 5150BW: New and experienced flippers love the original Kershaw Lucha. handles together. this may change with use. Fill out the requested information. (verified owner) September 2, 2020, James S. Stonewash finish titanium construction. Amazing Bali. Weird right? If you buy one, just make sure to tighten the screws just a tad. Painters or masking tape can be used to wrap the knife to prevent cutting yourself when trying tricks. Take full advantage of our site features by enabling JavaScript. I hope a Byrd Paysan becomes available soon! Just got it today and I've been playing with it since. Flytanium was created as a resource for you to customize your favorite knife, making it uniquely your own. Jeff. Just make sure the pivot screws are snug but not too tight. The Lucha is a VERY nice flipper of course Kershaw did a nice job on this one ESPECIALLY figuring in its price point and where it compares to others costing more. only lost 1 star because this knife is HEAVY. I might've gotten the blackwash had it been available at the time I was making this purchase, but I'm happy with this version. Denser and heavier than iron, this natural metal starts out reddish-orange in color, but over time will gain a patina, like a copper penny. KERSHAW LUCHA BW BTTERFLY KNIFE 4.6 *$5,000 Sweepstakes!!!

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